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Welcome to the Female Muscle Universe blog. This blog is dedicated for the female athletes, no matter the countries and the sports disciplines (bodybuilding, fitness, boxers, wrestlers, etc).
We are female muscle fans because for me are an example of determination, inspiration, discipline, commitment, and respect. We want to invite to the female athletes and the fans for create a community in which everyone can share a great sports passion. As for us, this is the first time in a blog, so we hope to do a good work as a moderator. We hope you enjoy this blog.

Mission: Female Muscle Universe is a site dedicated for the female athletes. No matter the countries, languages or sports. The female muscle is a great passion, and the women has shown her competitive spirit, as well as her strong will for do anything in the life. In a global world where the women carry out the same positions that the men, the sports are not the exception. The female muscle need to be listened, because in this world are the men who take the credit in the sport glory. The female athletes are an inspirational source of determination, overcoming, discipline and respect. Female Muscle Universe looks for to be a bridge between the admirers and the feminine athletes for create a community that it looks for to give the recognition to the sport women. The female muscle is a passion that deserves to be valued so much by its admirers as for the sportsmen generally.

Vision: Female Muscle Universe wants to create a bridge between female athletes (as bodybuilders) and fans. The site will offer to both parts (sportwomen and her admirers) a webpage in which they can exchange opinions, contests schedules, training tips, nutrition facts, and other subjects of interest about the wonderful world of female muscle. Besides, the site wants to show the human side of female athletes and help to create consciousness about women and their role in sports world.
Female Muscle Universe will be in the distant future a big site that promotes female sport as bodybuilding, fitness and figure for all fans and athletes that want to overcome their goals.

Values: Female Muscle Universe is governed by the following values: inspiration, overcoming, discipline, determination, commitment and respect. These powerful warriors have shown each day these fundamental principles for success in the life and this is our main reason to give them a complete space to their work and effort.

We welcome you to this page we hope you enjoy it and any doubt, suggestions or opinions at your disposal the following e-mail:

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