sábado, 28 de julio de 2018

Muscular Emergency

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. Today is one of these days in which there are news in which the bewilderment is at the order of the day. Now in this time we going to give the details of a news in which one of our Steel Goddesses is in total troubles, and only one action can make the difference to solve several obstacles in her life.

In this time, Kashma Maharaj, a powerful FBB from Trinidad and Tobago is experiencing several difficulties in economical subject, and she needs your help for overcoming these troubles related with health, money and her house living.

The next statement are words from Kashma, who now needs the help of all her fans, friends and family, and this is her message from her page in GoFundMe:

I am asking for help to cover my medical bills in the amount of $15000 from a short hospitalization last year June, for a nearly fatal blood infection that was treated in the emergency room at St Josephs hospital in Tampa, Florida. My condition was a serious emergency since it was detected only hours before being considered life threatening or resulting in damage to brain tissue. My illness in June 2017 affected my ability to work, train and compete since I was recovering for over 3 months. I sustained more medical bills during a wrestling related injury in February 2018. I dislocated my right shoulder, tore ligaments in my neck, had a broken collar bone, torn muscles in my chest and back and an impacted spinal chord in my neck and upper back. I underwent treatment almost daily for most of 12 weeks, but unfortunately I was the victim of identity theft in April-May 2017 which has severely affected every aspect of my life and created many challenges in my everyday life. The medical bills for my neck and shoulder injury continue to pile up. My situation was made even worse by a 5 car crash in June 2018. These injuries have added an additional $6000 to my medical bills. I am currently also facing an “eviction lawsuit” and my landlord is asking for close to $3000 in compensation for rent past due and legal fees. I have been trying my best to navigate all of these very challenging situations on my own for the past year but it has truly come to the point where I am unable to survive without asking for help. I am in need of help raising $25000 to help with my medical bills and housing situation. I am working on negotiating with my health care providers, to settle on a lower bill since I am a self pay patient. I do not have insurance nor do I qualify for any sort of medical or social assistance. Any sort of assistance will be deeply appreciated. I have not been sharing my personal life because it has been a struggle for me and I thought I would be able to figure it all out on my own. However, the bills keep coming and my ability to work has been affected for most of the past 12 months because of my health and injuries. Special thanks and appreciation to anyone that helps or brings awareness to my cause. I will personally thank anyone contributing and there will be extra special displays of appreciation to donations over $200. Thank you!

Kashma has created inside GoFundMe site a campaign in which you can donate any amount of money, according with your possibilities. You can visit it through the next link: https://www.gofundme.com/5uwxguw

Now this is the moment in which you can demonstrate solidarity and support to someone who needs a helping hand to solve their problems and this is the chance to show to Kashma all the affection and support. Now is time to help to one of our Steel Goddesses in a moment of anguish and desperation.

Female Muscle is strong, but at the same time has moments of fragility and this shows to us that FBB are humans like us, and this is a moment in which reflection and empathy must be accompanied with solidarity and union. Be strong Kashma, your fans and dear people are with you.

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