sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2018

Net Neutrality 14

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. The D-Day is about to begin, is in December 10th, Monday to be exact, so it’s time to update the most recent information.

You can be updated about people who are in for defending the Internet we love and who are betraying this fundamental right. Now is time to attack betrayers with tweets and calls in which you must expose the causes about our defense for Net Neutrality. And don’t forget to keep visiting the previous pages that we give you in previous article.

Now is time to keep boycotting the team cable products (AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, etc) and is our chance for protecting our rights to be informed and our rights of visiting the content we want with no censorship or dictatorship measures. We are ready to fight against oligarchs who want to impose their dark agenda and we will fight with all our strenght.

And don’t forget it, December 10th is D-Day and we must rise our voice because we are the people who want to protect the important progress that has been reached with an an open Internet and no censorship. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2018

Net Neutrality 13

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. The fight for saving the Internet we love is not over yet. In May month, the team Internet has achieved an important step when Senate approved the CRA (Congressional Review Act) in order to roll back the initiative of FCC in which Ajit “Faggot” Pai has been the main responsible of this abominable act, along with team cable efforts (Comcast, AT&T and Verizon). From then to Now things have changed and is time to update the news.

With recent Midterm elections in November 6th, Democrat party has turned tables in Representative House and the next step to destroy this abomination is the next thing: the CRA must be approved for many members of Congress. Against all odds, our fight has overcome the biggest obstacle of Republican Senate, and now is time to fight with passion, heart, determination and courage for being successful in Representative House.

At the same time, several sites like Fight For The Future are on the line to defend our Internet and these are the links in order to make donations and signs for supporting the cause:

In less than two weeks, Congress will make a meeting to discuss this subject, and is time to make many protests marchs and other actions like donations and boycott against team cable products. In votes our voice could remove evil representatives from Office and now is time to scream loud and clear about it: Our Internet will prevail!

When we have more information of this you will be updated about it and now is the moment of saying to Congress that they are working for us and no for oligarchs. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2018

Net Neutrality 12

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. This post is dedicated to United States users. Today is important this article because Midterm Elections in November 6th are the decisive factor of many subjects for us like Net Neutrality, Healthcare, Education, Climate Change, Sexual Predators and other things. Now these are the latest facts around it.

With Brett “Predator” Kavanaugh as member of the Supreme Court Of Justice, many of our rights are in a biggest danger because Kavanaugh is at the service of many oligarchs who want to impose their dark laws at any cost. In Net Neutrality, California state has signed a big proposal in which all of our rights as Internet consumers are protected with strong laws with common sense and responsibility, and oligarchs like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon are terrified because their toxic businesses will be destroyed, and they will launch their dirtiest tricks in order to eliminate this important step to guarantee the Internet as we know it. Now is time to counterattack in ballots for expressing our dissatisfaction.

In healthcare, all of our main provisions are under menace because they want to favor Big Pharmaceuticals mafia and we are not going to resist this dark medicine. In environmental subjects, National Parks are in real danger because of Big Oil Lobbies, and clean energy sources are banned in this toxic agenda, the NRA wants to destroy strong laws to regulate the massive weapon sale and keep letting bullet showers as “normal facts” whereas many people are dying in public sites.

The education is fighting to destroy the cuts for arts workshops, libraries, technical careers and sports, and scholarships are in the aim of disappear for many dark donors, the #MeeToo movement has a big enemy with Brett Kavanaugh inside SCOTUS in which they want to preserve sexual harassment as “normal facts”. These are the war fronts in politics, in which dictatorship behaviors are more evident everytime. In a short tale, the importance of going out to vote is the difference between losing our rights and defeating oligarchs to show our strenght as informed people.

Please remember these names because all of them in its majority from Republican Party are at the service of oligarchs who want to destroy all of our rights, and many of them want to be reelected in this period of political changes. Please vote with all your conviction,

Now you have a complete panorama of the political scene in United States and November 6th is key for building a new scheme of many of our rights like healthcare, net neutrality, climate change, education and other subjects. If you want to write a new route in this politic map, please go out to vote and defend our rights. As Bob Marley says: Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up For Our Rights!

That's all for this article and remember, citizens make  for the country a reflect of we want as a nation and is time to show our power against injustice acts. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

sábado, 28 de julio de 2018

Muscular Emergency

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. Today is one of these days in which there are news in which the bewilderment is at the order of the day. Now in this time we going to give the details of a news in which one of our Steel Goddesses is in total troubles, and only one action can make the difference to solve several obstacles in her life.

In this time, Kashma Maharaj, a powerful FBB from Trinidad and Tobago is experiencing several difficulties in economical subject, and she needs your help for overcoming these troubles related with health, money and her house living.

The next statement are words from Kashma, who now needs the help of all her fans, friends and family, and this is her message from her page in GoFundMe:

I am asking for help to cover my medical bills in the amount of $15000 from a short hospitalization last year June, for a nearly fatal blood infection that was treated in the emergency room at St Josephs hospital in Tampa, Florida. My condition was a serious emergency since it was detected only hours before being considered life threatening or resulting in damage to brain tissue. My illness in June 2017 affected my ability to work, train and compete since I was recovering for over 3 months. I sustained more medical bills during a wrestling related injury in February 2018. I dislocated my right shoulder, tore ligaments in my neck, had a broken collar bone, torn muscles in my chest and back and an impacted spinal chord in my neck and upper back. I underwent treatment almost daily for most of 12 weeks, but unfortunately I was the victim of identity theft in April-May 2017 which has severely affected every aspect of my life and created many challenges in my everyday life. The medical bills for my neck and shoulder injury continue to pile up. My situation was made even worse by a 5 car crash in June 2018. These injuries have added an additional $6000 to my medical bills. I am currently also facing an “eviction lawsuit” and my landlord is asking for close to $3000 in compensation for rent past due and legal fees. I have been trying my best to navigate all of these very challenging situations on my own for the past year but it has truly come to the point where I am unable to survive without asking for help. I am in need of help raising $25000 to help with my medical bills and housing situation. I am working on negotiating with my health care providers, to settle on a lower bill since I am a self pay patient. I do not have insurance nor do I qualify for any sort of medical or social assistance. Any sort of assistance will be deeply appreciated. I have not been sharing my personal life because it has been a struggle for me and I thought I would be able to figure it all out on my own. However, the bills keep coming and my ability to work has been affected for most of the past 12 months because of my health and injuries. Special thanks and appreciation to anyone that helps or brings awareness to my cause. I will personally thank anyone contributing and there will be extra special displays of appreciation to donations over $200. Thank you!

Kashma has created inside GoFundMe site a campaign in which you can donate any amount of money, according with your possibilities. You can visit it through the next link: https://www.gofundme.com/5uwxguw

Now this is the moment in which you can demonstrate solidarity and support to someone who needs a helping hand to solve their problems and this is the chance to show to Kashma all the affection and support. Now is time to help to one of our Steel Goddesses in a moment of anguish and desperation.

Female Muscle is strong, but at the same time has moments of fragility and this shows to us that FBB are humans like us, and this is a moment in which reflection and empathy must be accompanied with solidarity and union. Be strong Kashma, your fans and dear people are with you.

jueves, 19 de julio de 2018

Net Neutrality 11

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. The fight for Net Neutrality has not over yet, and today there is many protests around USA. Now is time to fight for protecting our Internet we love.

In the latest news, the first Republican representative has signed his support for Net Neutrality, his name is Mike Coffman, from Colorado, and this is a great news. But there is a long battle to fight, and is time of keep making a lot of pressure. Today will be many protests and if you want to be present, you must visit www.battleforthenet.com to locate your places for movement.

So you now you know how to fight with evil oligarchs who want to destroy our rights, and is important to be prepared and ready to counterattack their evil plans. We keep informing you about it.

jueves, 12 de julio de 2018

Net Neutrality 10

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. The fight for saving the Internet as we know it is far away of finishing because a new and unexpected turn of events is happening in front of our eyes. Coming up next we will explain everything.

The fight for our Internet has been happening in a normal way, but a new turn of events has occurred in this week. In the Supreme Court of the United States, the Judge Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement and the oligarchs headed by the nasty president Donald “Shithole” Trump have found the perfect chance for creating a harder and more conservative court for their dark interests. That means the rights like healthcare, public libraries, the Roe V Wade act and more things are in risk more than never. And disgracefully, Net Neutrality is not the exception to these troubles. The name of this new evil guy is Brett Kavanough, and this man wants to destroy everything in favor of oligarchs inside of circles of businesses and political spheres. Now the stage is more difficult than never and is important to know this information in order to prepare the next offensive step.

At the same time, Europe is making their own fight for protecting the Internet because for copyright reasons, the European Union parliament has just dismissed a law initiative in which contemplates a link tax in which all users had to pay a killer tax to content creators to access to knowledge, and European users took the fight in their hands and with their pressure they push back this horrible proposal that harms our Internet with global consequences in the same way as Net Neutrality is doing it.

In Open Media page you will have the information of European fight for saving our Internet as we know it.

For our European audience, fight for our Internet will have another round in September month, because the Link tax law will be discussed in this 30 days period. Now more than never, is important to attack the European representatives with more tweets and protests in their offices in key dates.

Back with our public in USA, is important to keep the pressure because Mitch McConnell wants to approve the designation of Brett Kavanaugh as soon as possible, and he knows that they must do it before the representatives election in November, so now than never we must keep pressuring all the congress to thwart the oligarchs’ laws.

With this new panorama, users must be in alert because our rights are in a lethal danger as never before, and now our voice must be loud and clear against dark interests. When we have more information about this subject, you will know in our space dedicated to Female Muscle.

With this in mind, just stay alert with everything around. Our Internet will be protected at any cost and we will take care of put it in clear voice.

martes, 26 de junio de 2018

Net Neutrality 9

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. Today is a key day because fight for Net Neutrality has not over yet. There are many protests of many organizations that you have known which are and is important to keep our resistance more than never.

Daily Kos, Demanding Progress, Fight For The Future and other organizations are making giant efforts in order to destroy this abomination of evil oligarchs and now is vital to keep this movement with your participations in this wave of protests around the country, and don’t forget to visit the pages in which you can find through previous articles.

Here are the pages if you need to remind them.

Open Media:

Don’t Tread On The Net:

Demand Progress:

Businesses for Net Neutrality (if you have your own business, this is the site for you):

Battle For The Net:

Now is time to protect our Internet we love and they will know we are ready to destroy evil oligarchs. Keep the faith because in the end we will have the success.