martes, 6 de septiembre de 2016

SAFFC South American Championship 2016

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. Now it's time to take a look to the South Cone of American continent, because the best competitors of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay and other countries of the region will be present in a tournament with all ingredients to prepare a great sports spectacle that all Steel Goddesses Admirers are waiting. And this is the chance to know many surprises of this part of the planet with a special flavor.

The place of the tournament will be in Cuenca, Ecuador in the next dates of September 8th to 11st and these are the details.

SAFFC South American Championship 2016

Dates: September 8th to 11st

Place: Mall del Río Convention Center.

Address: Felipe 2nd Avenue with no number and Highway Cuenca-Azogues. Cuenca, Ecuador.

For more information, you can check the next webpages:ón/1

Now it's time to enjoy another competition with new ingredients that content the same high octane adrenaline, and Ecuadorian admirers will have a gold chance of watching the best competitors in one stage. That's all for this article and remember that Female Muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close. Any idea, suggestion or comments you can write to the next e-mail address: See you soon Female Muscle Fans.

viernes, 19 de agosto de 2016

Training With... Laura Carrara 3

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. We hope you have found the Laura's previous videos so useful with her powerful gym routines. In this time, the next exercise is the pull up, so let's show the powerful routine.

We hope you have learned another great exercise routine in which you can improve your physique condition to reach more goals in all aspects. And that's all for this article, and remember that Female Muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close. Anything related with the subjects of this site you can write to the next e-mail address: See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

sábado, 2 de julio de 2016

Predator Sport Brand & Design

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. In this time we are going to start Fitbusiness section, whose objective is to promote enterprises that are related with fitness world, directly or indirectly for all those interested people in finding all that they need in this field. We hope this can help to find what satisfies the search for specific features for your enterprise.

In this time we are going to show a sportwear brand from Panama, because the enterprises that will start this section is from that country, and you will find with a lot of useful the information that will post for you in a short time.

Predator Sport Brand & Design

Panamanian enterprises with 1 year in the market, whose objective is provide to athletes with the best sports clothing with sensational designs that reflect the combative spirit of every athlete no matter the discipline they have chosen.

Story: Sports brand founded and patented in Panama in January 2015 by Milcia Perez, one of the Musculator Girls that you have known through our interview. She has founded this enterprise along with her husband Roderick Young. They are dedicated to clothe original and unique designs in all sports areas. They are MMA, fitness, rugby, soccer, judo, boxing, running and more. Unique and exclusive designs, every detail, line, color and sewing is created and made from zero, originality and imagination is the principle of their brand, here they let it out all their art and their imagination, only for their clients positive energies in their design and especially they want to identify to the athlete or to the daily sportsman or sportswoman.

Mission: Creating style and art in every piece of sport clothes they are selling, focused in the well wearing and training with inspiration, discipline and dedication.

Vision: Supporting in a future to the athletes and creating with their art a better incentive to the athletes to keep the practice of the sports and creating good habits.

Values: They want to contribute their values like art, courtesy and discipline to our society with their art. They are more than a brand, their art speak for them.

Logo: The typography reflects the power of the brand, and the image gets in tune with colors and the message about the hunt is on is a good harmony with previous elements with it needs to be identified with target clients.


1.- If you are a Facebook users, you can locate the Predator Sport Brand & Design with all the photos and you can write to them for many inquires.

2.- If you are an Instagram users, you can check all the pictures and videos of all sport clothes of the brand in an easy way.

Web pages:

Instagram: @predatorofficialpage

Facebook: Predator Sport & Brand Design


For all Panamanian citizens who want to wear a new experience in sport clothes, you can find them in their social networks previously mentioned, and if you want to become in an authorized distributor, you can contact them in their e-mail address and they can offer you the best prices for your business (this last subject apply with other countries too).

We hope this article has been very useful for those who need to find a way to promote themselves and thus can reach their audience goal. And that's all for today, and don't forget that Female Muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close. Any doubt related with this section, as well as what you already know, you can write to the next e-mail address: See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

viernes, 13 de mayo de 2016

Training With... Maria Segura 8

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. Continuing with more Steel Training Videos, Maria Segura shares with us another material in which her hints and her workout are essential things for all people who want to be in fitness shape. Now in this time, forearms are the next bodypart  to train and therefore, barbells are the best companions for this training.

One more time, we want to thank to Maria Segura for sharing with all of us her training videos, because is a great honor that she has thought on us as a great space to promote with all fans like you all her secrets in order to look like a big champion like her. And that's all for this article, and remember that Female Muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2016

Alicia Alfaro

On South Cone of American continent there is a country that is the largest of Spanish speaking, it is Argentina. This nation has border with Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, Brazil to northeast, the east with Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean, to west with Chile and south with Drake Passage or Sea of Sickles that leads to Antarctic. The ethnic groups that inhabited this territory are composed by Tehuelches or Patagonians, Chorotis, Huarpes, Abipons, Mataguayans, Capayans, Chichas, among others. Argentina is one of the populations that has been touched by the path of Andes Mountain Range, which in turn passes through Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and part of Venezuela. And at the Antarctic the glaciers appear and they have given to local tourism a great renown. If there is something that characterizes to the Argentinian people is the passion with they defend their colors in sports field, and Bodybuilding is not a stranger to this phenomenon. This homeland has one of the most outstanding athletes who have appeared on the pampean steel scene. Her name is Alicia Alfaro and you will know thorougly to this powerful muscle warrior.

Musculator Girl Profile

Name: Alicia Alfaro

Date of birth: February 23rd

Birthplace (City, State and Country): Ibicuy, Entre Rios (In Between Rivers), Argentina

Present Hometown (City, State and Country): Miami, Florida, United States

Age: Confidential Information

Profession: Professional Bodybuilder, trainer, competition suit designer, mother and wife.

Years of training: 27

Please give us a little introduction of yourself: I’m a woman that is very dedicated in everything I do and I live it to the maximum, and I keep a very healthy lifestyle.

Story: I began to train when I had 19 years old, actually, wanting to gain weight and I was very thin, I started to grow quickly, so later they encouraged me to compete, and thus it began my love for bodybuilding, I started competing in very small shows, until I achieved my first important triumph that was the Argentinian Championship in 1992, later the Iberoamerican in 1995 and there I became in IFBB Pro, I was judge in my country too, currently I’m a mother of 2 children and wife, combining my job in competition suits and trainings. My biggest dream in sports is arriving to compete at Ms. Olympia, I’m working to improve each year, my biggest virtue is my constancy, constancy has led me to where I got.

Contest History:

·         1992 – Argentinian Championship. 1st place
·         1993 – Argentinian Championship. 3rd place
·         1994 – Argentinian Championship. 3rd place
·         1995 – Iberoamerican Championship. 1st place and overall (Pro Card)
·         1997 – Jan Tana (North Carolina). 18th place between 30 competitors.
·         1998 – Jan Tana. 16th place between over 30 competitors.
·         2012 – Tampa Pro Show. 13th place between 30 competitors.
·         2013 – Tampa Pro Show. 12th place.
·         2014 – Tampa Pro Show. 13th place.
     2015  - Prestige Crystal Cup (Boca Ratón, Florida. Physique Class). 16th place.
     2015  - Tampa Pro Show (Physique Class). 16th place.
     2016  - Arnold Classic (Physique Class). 11th place.

Training Routine: In Offseason I train 1 muscle per day, I train 5 days and I rest 2. In precontest I train 6 days, 2 muscles per day plus 2 cardios.

Best bodypart: Chest, although some people say that glutes, for me the chest is my best bodypart.

Favorite exercise: Flat Bench Press.

Favorite music: I’m a woman of versatile taste, I put rock music for training and for relaxing me nothing like classical music.

Favorite color: Blue.

Favorite Quote: With patience the world is won.

Favorite bodybuilder (man and woman): Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lenda Murray at the international level. In my country my inspiration was Cristina Musumeci.

Hobbies: Cooking and painting.

A typical day in your life: I get up at 7 am, I take the children to college, I come back, I take a breakfast, I’m going to the gym, I come back, I work on my competition suit designs, I cook my meals, I come back to the gym by the afternoon with my daughter to train some clients and later making college homework with them, eating, relaxing and waiting to my husband that arrives from job.

Sponsors: In Argentina X 21 of Martin D’agnese. And here in the US I don’t have sponsors yet, I’m in search of them.

What do you enjoy most about the bodybuilding/fitness lifestyle?

That you can combine competition travels with vacations and being in very beautiful places, thanks to my career I have known many countries.

What do you enjoy about training for competition?

Everything, my time at the gym I enjoy it always, it’s my time.

Curiosities about yourself: I’m shy, many people don’t know about that.

What has left in your life the practice of the sport?

I learnt that in the life and sports, it wins and it loses and it has to be prepared for both things, if you lose speak a few words, if you win speak less words.

Which are your most appraised values like athlete and person?

Humbleness, perseverance and constancy.

Which is the difference between the Offseason and On Season in your own words?

Offseason: Out of competition, I train with more relax, I can skip someday if I need a rest time, I eat somethings I want as ice creams and pizzas.

On Season: Precontest, I don’t make absence at the gym, I’m focused to my show, I don’t speak whereas I train, I do a lot of cardio and strict diet.

Which is the greatest satisfaction in your sport career?

Having won the Iberoamerican Championship and the overall in 1995, because I became a Pro Athlete, a big fulfilled dream.

The woman in the present world has shown their capacity for take challenges in all society fields and the sport is not the exception. What do you think about the female sport on the future?

The sportwoman is strong, is a fighter, is constant, is disciplined, a woman that does sports can arrive so far away in any life field.

Website and e-mail contact: Facebook pages that are Alicia Alfaro Fans Club and Alicia Alfaro IFBB Pro Returns. The mail is

Do you want to say something else to Female Muscle Fans, as well as female amateur athletes?

Thank you to all fans that support female bodybuilding, thank you to everyone that keep tracking on me and encourage me everyday to follow. To the athletes that are beginning I want to say them that keep fighting for they want and never give up.


After a 14 years of hiatus, Alicia decides to compete to demonstrate that her competitive quality was ready to return to the Steel Stages. The Tampa Pro Show tournament would be the perfect setting for her return with more triumph desires. Here is the moment in that is registered to receive her competition number.

The moment of truth has come, Alicia is showing her best physique form to give a great return to sports stages with the ferocity that characterizes her with her feminine touch rather than intact to give more battle.

Alicia prepared thoroughly to return to the highest competition levels, and her great professionalism has allowed her to show a great fitness that fights with the girls that have participated year after year without stopping for an instant.

The great physical form of Alicia, as well as the dissipation of sensuality that can be seen on each side, has been present on Tampa, Florida stage, and fans are more than impressed by the level of competence shown by steel women who are in this tournament.

The imposing back of Alicia looks like a sensational mountain range. Symmetrically well detailed, and with a flawless definition. And don't forget that her physical beauty highlights all that well worked anatomy for anywhere you see her.

The coquetry and steel sensuality of Alicia remain intact, and she is determined to prove that a strong woman is equal, or sexier than any average girl. She looks sensational, and with her flower projects more the beauty of a steel goddess.

One year later, Alicia Alfaro prepares herself to improve her previous results. This time she participated in Jan Tana tournament in its 1998 edition, in which she came determined to put into perspective what she learned in the past championship. As an Argentine warrior, she goes with everything on the international stage.

In a stage full of impressive Steel Goddesses, Alicia (right extreme side) gave a display of a remarkable improvement, and managed to give a great fight that allowed her to reach the general 16th place. Knowing that she gave everything in her preparation and on stage, Alicia decides to put a very long pause in competition terms refers to devote some time to herself.

Alicia participates in an exhibition in which she was invited in the Argentine Championship 2004. Despite the pause she took regarding tournaments, Alicia did not lose her physique form because she always trained with everything to never have setbacks that prevented her from making a demonstration as is seen in this picture.

Like a Steel Gladiator, Alicia taught how well she cared her musculature, and also showed to attendees how to be posing for the jury to appreciate and qualify with rigor points in order to advance to the rounds that define the winners. Her performance was well evaluated, and people turned into applause for the quality of her display.

Alicia Alfaro is the perfect example of how is the woman of today, delivered both on and off stage. Her commitment with a lifestyle that makes a difference has been an inspiration that is contagious to those in her environment, and she is someone that when intends a goal, she fights in a tirelessly way until to get there and concrete what has been projected. Her tenacity, effort, commitment, dedication, beauty, power, symmetry and sensuality have given to her moe than enough attributes to highlight and give very good battles when the judges are delivering the corresponding rating. She is a great warrior who never gives up for lost the fights, she always will fight to the last breath, so keep an eye to this woman because she has many tricks under her sleeve, and as a good Steel Goddess, surprises will have them very well guarded for the right time.

That's all for this profile, and we hope you have enjoyed this work whose purpose is know and understand all the stories, reasons and another things related to the female muscle representatives. The female muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close and this is a tribute for the women that fights everyday for achieve the best physique form in order to reach the wellbeing with themselves and the rewards to all their efforts. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

Important Notes: All the photographies are used by Alicia Alfaro's courtesy and personal authorization, so contact her if you want to use her pictures.

Alicia doesn't do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please respect her because first than nothing she's a woman that needs a treatment just like all the human beings.

It is strictly forbidden to reproduce any part of this journalistic work in all aspects.