lunes, 16 de abril de 2018

Net Neutrality 3

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. We need to warn you that time is running out for saving our Internet, because evil and greedy companies like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon want to destroy the main principle of a free communication media like Internet. Now is time to fight back against these evil forces and their allies like Ajit “Faggot” Pai and Donald “Shithole” Trump.

Net Neutrality is beyond of don’t watching your favorite videos in YouTube or Netflix, the Net Neutrality makes possible the visit of many sites like the previous ones and other things like blogs, social networks and can sharing some brilliant ideas like photos, videos, cyber activism and donations, etc. Now is time to show we are the ones who got the power boycotting the brands like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon.

Besides boycott, we need to convince the undecided senators located in Alaska, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and Ohio. Unfortunately, the Louisiana Senator John Kennedy was corrupted by Big Lobbies, and is a shame to know it, but you can try with the other senators through their Twitter and Facebook accounts with the following names:

Lisa Murkowski from Alaska

John McCain from Arizona

Cory Gardner from Colorado

Rob Portman from Ohio

Orrin Hatch from Utah

Coming up next is an scheme about how Internet works with Net Neutrality and another without Net Neutrality:

Now you have the knowledge, please act against evil oligarchs who want to put us in silence against their abuses of power and lies.

Now these are the links in which you can act to defend Net Neutrality all around the country.

Small businesses for Net Neutrality: 

Open Media:

Don’t tread on the:

Demand Progress: 

You can share them through Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as other social networks.

The next week is key because in it you can make pressure to their congress before April 23rd, the D Day for Net Neutrality.

Now let’s prepare our best attacks in order to preserve Net Neutrality and defending our favorite subjects like Female Muscle, that is the speciality of this website. Good luck Female Muscle Fans because the fight for OneMoreVote is not over yet.

domingo, 8 de abril de 2018

Training with... Maria Segura 11

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. Welcome one more time to your section Training With... As you already know, several pro female athletes have shared with us their training routines to achieve the physical improvement and obtain a very balanced anatomy, so in this time we will watch a new video in which you will can appreciate, and at the same time; you will execute with the appropriate technique the exercises for a great training.

In this time, Maria Segura from México will share with us some of her secrets for biceps training, so let´s watch the video with a lot of attention for learning the best techniques for avoiding injuries in this workout.

Note: The video’s audio is in Spanish, so if you don’t have a good language understanding, you will be in trouble.

One more time, we want to thank to Maria Segura because she always has put her trust in us for bring us the best audiovisual material in which she is teaching the best training techniques for all of you. That's all for this article and remember that Female Muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close. Any idea, comments and suggestions you can write to the next e-mail address: See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

lunes, 26 de febrero de 2018

Net Neutrality 2

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. As you can remember, in December a fight for protecting our Internet has begun, and unfortunately, the ShitholeTrump army has won the 1st round. But we are so far away of being defeated because the time for counterattack is about to come.

The site has begun an operation called #OneMoreVote. The perfect time to do it is tomorrow (February 27th), and you can pressure to your senators and representatives with telephone calls or throughout Twitter accounts. If you want to know how to reach them, please enter to this link:

Is important to do it in order to defend our Internet and our online activity, because Ajit Pai, one of the ShitholeTrump soldiers army has given the fatal date in which Net Neutrality could be dead: April 23rd. Now is time to fight against them and protect our cyberspace from evil forces.

Now you have all the information for fighting for our cyberspace. The remaining actions are up to you. If you want to visit your favorite sites with no fees, this is the moment to say NO WAY!!! I love the Internet in the way it is.

Female Muscle Universe believes in Internet as a place of open and honest democratic communication spaces and a free flow of ideas and innovation. For that, we are in the protest line with other pages like Netflix,, Color Of Change, among other websites for this fight. See you next time Female Muscle Fans and fight for our Internet we love.

viernes, 9 de febrero de 2018

Training with... Maria Segura 10

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. Now in this section you will enjoy about the best training workouts shared for some of the best Female Athletes. Every body part will be focused in the way the pro competitors are working in order to guarantee to you great results, always with a well balanced nutrition plan.

Now, Maria Segura from Mexico shares with all of you another training exercise in which triceps are the body part to work in this time.

Note: The video is in Spanish language, so if you don't have a good understanding level, you would be in trouble.

Now we hope you can enjoy and at the same time applying this training routine, specially when you are in New Year proposal where weight loss and better health habits are the main starring of the beginning of 365 days lapse. One more time, we thank to Maria Segura for trusting in us always for sharing with all of you her training routines for champion workouts.

That's all for this article and remember that Female Muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close. Any idea, comments and suggestions you can write to the next e-mail address: See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

sábado, 13 de enero de 2018

Female Muscle Universe 10th Anniversary

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. A new year is awaking, and in all life aspects we need to start writing a new life chapter because every 365 days lapse is like a new season of a TV series show, or the next sequel of a book or a movie, with new situations and a set of events in which we are always ready to act. This year in particular is very special for this site because we are celebrating a decade of being online, completely dedicated to Female Muscle and their different subjects.

Female Muscle Universe was born 10 years ago, the exact date is January 13th of 2008. This site appeared in order to be a space in which Female Muscle Goddesses and their fans could share many ideas and points of view in total freedom without prejudice. Throughout of 10 years, this webpage in blog format has covered several tournaments in some countries like the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, among others, and it has many sections like Musculator Girl Profile (interviews with athletes that reveal the human side of competitors), Female Muscle Curiosities (how FBB are present in several media like movies, comics, videogames and music, among others), Fitbusiness (promotion of jobs related to this industry), Sports Articles (journalistic investigation about how sports is involved in other subjects) and Training with (FBB are appearing in videos where they are sharing their training secrets), and etc. Every one of these sections are part of the variety that our site can offer to you, and you made them possible.

Now is time to make a review of the activity for the last year.

FMU File (All site activity in 2017)

1.- Mr. Olympia Amateur South America 2017: First tournament covered by the site in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia.

2.- WABBA World Championship Mexico 2017: First competition covered by the site in Mexico City, Mexico.

Besides, the site has some articles like The Valkyries IronPrincess Battle ScenesSeries in Female Muscle Curiosities, Maria Segura shared with us a little of her training secrets in Training With, among other things. Unfortunately, 2017 was a tragic year because Ana Claudia Macedo Pires, one of our interviewed athletes from Brazil died because of complications in a plastic surgeon, and it was one of bad news that ocurred in last year. Ana Claudia is the first athlete of our section Musculator Girls Profile that has dead, and this is a fact that is grieving and sad. Rest in piece Ana Claudia, we will remember you always.

Talking about Musculator Girl Profiles, we have a sensational interview with Argentinian FBB Mara Fabiana Compañone; one of the most complete Bodybuilders in the present time.

10 years, a digit easy to say, but the challenge is doing it, and thanks to all of you the Female Muscle Fans it was possible to achieve it. Remember that Female Muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close, and with you by our side, we will be stronger than never. Thanks again to you and let's keep moving on the road.

martes, 26 de diciembre de 2017

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 2017

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. Now is time to say goodbye to another year with many surprises and many challenges to overcome. This year has had many problems and it generated a turbulence like never before it has seen, but we have always to resist and fight back to keep forward. 2017 book is about to end, and we need to prepare for a new tale called 2018.

As well as our Steel Goddesses are always facing the next obstacles, all FMU team are ready to bring to you more content for all Female Muscle Fans and being always your favorite site. One more time, we want to thank your preference in all of our years of online activity, and for you we will keep in the improvement way for overcoming past achievements.

On behalf of FMU team, we wish you happy holidays and a new year full of health, prosperity in all aspects and love of all your dear beings.

As always we are saying, Female Muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close. And 2018 is around the corner. We hope to keep your preference and support for new challenges and keep celebrating these parties.

martes, 12 de diciembre de 2017

Net Neutrality

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. In this time we are not going to talk about our favorite subject, because in Thursday 14th, in the United States the Congress will be voting about Net Neutrality. Now is time to explain it.

Net neutrality

This is the principle in which all sites can be watched for everyone, no matter if you have a slow lane connection, or a fast lane connection. In this concept, all Internet providers can't censor no content, and they can't be watching you as a spy, with all times in which you are connecting to the web. If Net neutrality is broken, prepare for face the censorship in a high level or say goodbye to you best sites.

How to combat censorship?

Who wants the censorship?

Ajit Pai, he is the FCC from the United States, and he used to be a corporative lawyer from Verizon, a company that provides an awful Internet service. They, along with Donald "Big Bully" Trump want to control the content on web, and they want to start a witch hunt against civil associations that are fighting to destroy their dark agenda.

For all of our Female Muscle Fans from the United States, we want to say we are against censorship and power abuse. Let's fight against Big Bully Trump and their cronies for they leave alone our Internet we love, and our passion for Female Muscle won't be silenced.