lunes, 15 de abril de 2019

Net Neutrality 19

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. These are important news in which you must put attention with respect to Net Neutrality. And is time to make the updates in this article.

Last Tuesday, the Save the Internet Act was put to the vote inside representatives chamber. Both parties had a big time in making an agreement in this subject. The results are the next: Democrat Party has reached 232 votes against 190 votes from Republican Party in its majority. So the Save the Internet Act has succeed in this round in order to destroy the repeal of 2017. This movement has reached greater heights and this has not been possible without the support of Civil Associations and users like us. In this moment, this movement has won 2 rounds and is a great satisfaction because the reason is in our side and we are ready to keep moving forward to protect our Internet.

Now the next step is coming back to Senate in which the magic number for victory is 60. You have listened right, the Act needs 60 votes from Senators chamber in order to get the triumph and showing that a well organized movement is able to defeat evil oligarchs with bigger money wallets. The message is clear, we are ready to fight another round in Senate and we need to keep high our guard because one of our fundamental rights is in stake.

With this update, we can see that our movement to protect our Internet is in right side of history, and is time to have some time of celebration because this step has not been easy to achieve. Later, this movement will be ready for defeating the next obstacle and always with sight to the summit. Thanks for being always supportive in this cause and remember that 2 important battles have been won, but a new fight in this war will be coming and is time to keep strong and united for winning this war. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

lunes, 8 de abril de 2019

Net Neutrality 18

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. This week will be crucial because in Tuesday 9th there will be an important vote for Net Neutrality, and now is time to update the most recent information in this article.

The first point is this: Kyrsten Synema from Arizona was corrupted by Team Cable donators and she is working with one of Republican Senator from Mississippi, his name is Roger Wicker and this is a big disgrace in our path for reaching Net Neutrality, but if you can make pressure, you may be making a control lose of them.

Twitter accounts:

Roger Wicker: @SenatorWicker

Kyrsten Synema: @SenatorSinema

Facebook accounts:

The second point is this: Tony Cardenas from California was almost corrupted, and Scott Peters from same state was in the same way, but fortunately they could escape from oligarch control and they are ready to add their efforts for Net Neutrality.

In Wednesday, the Save Internet Act was approved by Comerce Chamber and it was a great step in order to destroy the law approved by Ajit “Fagot” Pai, and now in Tuesday 9th, Congress will be sessioning about this subject, so this is the perfect chance to make pressure with going to Town Hall, making boycott against Verizon, Comcast, AT&T and other brands. Is time to make pressure and make them feel our power as informed consumers because our rights are in stake.

Don't forget to visit these sites in which you can find how to support to this fight for protecting our right to defend a free flow of information in all aspects:

Tomorrow is a key day and is time to unite efforts in all fields to protect our right to a free flow of information in each life aspect, and now more than never, our Internet deserves to be protected at any cost because is a powerful tool that has made an important breakpoint in our communications, and most important it generated a big democratization in media, so now we must be prepared to fight for our rights.

That’s all for this article and you know when we have important information about this subject, you will know in immediate way. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

lunes, 25 de marzo de 2019

Net Neutrality 17

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. There are more news with respect of this subject and as always we are ready to give you the information in order to make action measures in one of our most important rights, the open Internet. So let’s begin with the article.

In March 26th (next Tuesday to be exact), in both cameras (senate and representatives) the session about Net Neutrality will be done. In previous article we have mentioned 4 names of corrupted democrats that are Butterfield, O’Halleran, Schrader and Soto, now you need to add 2 more names of these kind of people that are receiving bribery from Team Cable Oligarchs. The names are Kyrsten Synema from Arizona and Tony Cardenas from California. You must pressure them in order to defeat them and they can’t be an obstacle for our Internet.

Facebook accounts:

Twitter accounts

Kyrsten Synema: @SenatorSinema

Tony Cardenas: @RepCardenas

At the same time, Fight For The Future site is ready to make a massive live stream for the session and from Monday 25th to Tuesday 26th you will be watching and promoting through your websites the historic event. You don’t forget to visit it at their website.

And don’t forget to support other sites like Open Media, Daily Kos and Credo Nation, among others in this cause.

Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th will be key days to execute a big pressure on our representatives and senators and is time to make them feel our power as organized society. No more oligarchs who want to impose their dark agenda, and no more public officials that are corrupted by big donors. Now more than never we must fight for our rights at any cost. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

domingo, 10 de marzo de 2019

Net Neutrality 16

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. The fight for our Internet is far from over, so is time to inform you about the last events about this subject because we need to protect all of our rights more than never.

Last Wednesday, Rep. Mike Doyle and Sen. Ed Markey presented a great act in which Net Neutrality would be restored with all law strenght. This is a great news for us, however there are some obstacles we need to overcome for this important event.

In one side, evil oligarchs and team cable companies as AT&T, Comcast and Verizon keep buying favors with corrupted representatives, Republicans in its majority, but some Democrat representatives and senators are being bribered in order to betray this important cause of all citizens worldwide.

AT&T is the main contributor of Rep. G. K. Butterfield from North Carolina, and he is from Democrat side, but with AT&T sponsorship, he’s betraying to his party. In the same position is Tom O’Halleran in Arizona, from Democrat party, but he’s being tempted by corrupt money of AT&T and Comcast.

On the other hand, there are two more Democrat representatives that are being tempted by dirty money, and these people are Kurt Schrader from Oregon and Darren Soto from Florida. They in the past supported the measure to restore Net Neutrality, but now they are having serious doubts because evil oligarchs are using big money quantities in order to corrupt them. And this is a big trouble for us.

In order to prevent this evil and low punch, we need to pressure these key names: Butterfield, O’Halleran, Schrader and Soto in their official accounts in social media, so these are their spaces.

Twitter accounts:





Facebook accounts:

Of course our websites of fight for our Internet are ready like Open Media, Battle for the Net and Fight for the Future, Credo Nation, among others. As you know it, they need of the donations in order to keep fighting for our Internet, and you can visit them through these links:

This is the most recent information we have got until this moment, and you know this page is committed with a free expression inside cyberspace, so every new data that appears, you will know through this page about how to fight to protect our Internet we love and we need because it has allowed a real revolution in many fields like businesses, entertainment, social fight, etc.

That's all for this article and every new data you need to know, don´t doubt in one thing, our site will inform you adequately in order to bring you clear things about action maneuvers to make in this important subject. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

jueves, 14 de febrero de 2019

Net Neutrality 15

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. A new year has begun, but fight for protecting the Internet we love is far from over. Coming up next we are going to mention the most recent news of this subject in order to prepare an effective and powerful counterattack to evil oligarchs. Let’s begin with this article.

Ajit “fagot” Pai has requested the help of 3 Republican representatives (as always) that want to give us fake Net Neutrality bills, and this is a thing we can’t allow to do it. The names of these evil oligarchs are Bob Latta, Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Greg Walden. These new evil representatives are searching a way to destroy all of our advances in this subject and now is time to show them they will be defeated as previous members of their party and we are ready to take them down once for all.

Bob Latta is from Ohio, Cathy McMorris Rodgers is from Washington and Greg Walden is from Oregon, so now we have the exact locations of these new mean people that are from Team Cable side (AT&T, Comcast and Verizon). They have not resisted the biggest defeat of their allies in the last Midteem elections, and they are desperately investing time and money in destroy our rights and fight, but they will be defeated at the end of the day.

Of course our websites of fight for our Internet are ready like Open Media, Battle for the Net and Fight for the Future, among others. As you know it, they need of the donations in order to keep fighting for our Internet, and you can visit them through these links:

In the last link, Credo Nation launches a warning about the next dirty tricks of this real menace for open Internet.

Now you have all the most recent information about this subject, and now is time to act to generate powerful attacks against oligarchs who don’t understand yet their terror regime is in death peril and we are ready to destroy them with a final attack with a lot of power to achieve the victory for people. Any new update of course you will be informed about it. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

miércoles, 30 de enero de 2019

Female Muscle Universe 11th Anniversary

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. As you already knows, a year has over, and this is the start of a new life chapter. And in this page dedicated to our Steel Goddesseswe know it perfectly. With a new lapse of 365 days, it presents a new chance of keep moving forward on the road, And Female Muscle Universe is not the exception.

With just 11 years away, Female Muscle Universe continues with the same dedication and passion to bring everything related to muscular women in each of the areas where they are present as competitions, and also in things like videogames, movies and other forms of artistic expression. All in order to enhance their valuable contribution to the sports world because their achievements are just as important as those of male athletes, so if we seek gender equity, we must start with each of the values and also in the recognition of their triumphs in every aspect of life.

In order to understand where are we going, we must take a look to the past, and at this moment we will make the recount of the realized activity during 2018.

FMU File (All the activity done in 2018)

1.- Female Muscle Universe 10th Anniversary: The lasy year was a celebration moment for this page and we are ready to keep going with more passion and determination.

2.- Training with: Maria Segura from Mexico shared with us other 2 videos of her training routines for all the people who wants to train adequately.

Besides of it, we had a special covering about Net Neutrality because in the United States was approved one of the worst things we can experience, the censorship to our Internet with global reach, and thanks to the help of people like us, the battle in Midterm Elections was won because the people who defends Net Neutrality has defeated to evil politicians that were on TeamCable side, and we are closer of destroying the evil interests behind of the censorship to one of the most important communication media in the last times, the Internet. And through our site we made a special watch of this news in which everyone, even our entertainment sites and social causes fights site are threatened, and our role as citizens is destroy dark interests in defense of our rights as Bob Marley has said many times in his song Get Up, Stand Up! All of these ocurrences have marked the activity of this website and now we need to offer many things for you, our followers, you are making this site with us every moment and we are ready to keep going more time with you.

11 years and counting, all the people who are writing for Female Muscle Universe are striving to bring the best of female bodybuilding, and other subjects related to our Steel Goddesses with all the possible love and dedication. And we want to keep going further, a task that will be possible with your preference of many days and months of visits to see our content. Let's go for more, and with you on our side, we will achieve many goals ahead. Thank you very much once more for your preference.