jueves, 11 de julio de 2019

Net Neutrality 22

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. Now we have more information about this subject, and is important you know how tokens would be moving at the next days, so it’s time to put attention about it.

According with Demand Progress, Ajit “fagot” Pai in its rush to destroy Net Neutrality, he didn’t consider some aspects like public safety, cherrypicked data and he abandoned the FCC’s responsibility to oversee the broadband industry and protect consumers. With it in mind, the repeal is totally illegal because these points were not covered and for it, this measure is disgusting, corrupted and bad from the start.

Now the federal court must investigate and making an intervention about this case and in the next days is highly probable that our fight reaches a new height in order to reinstate the principles of a free flow of information and an Internet with no censorship. Pro Net Neutrality lawyers are giving many proofs about this case and the most important thing is the turn of events that will make for next days. So is important to be ready and prepared for any situation in that case.

And don’t forget to make donations to Demand Progress and other sites in fight for protecting our Internet as we know it.

Now is the time to stay alert because this is a crucial step in order to detect the next course of action, and if we are with high guard, we will be able to counterattack any dirty play. That’s all for this article and remember to stay alert because this is one of our fundamental rights. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.