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In Memoriam: Amanda Savell (1978 - 2008)

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. On next month (June) will be the 1st death anniversary for one of the best female athletes on the world. Her name was Amanda Savell and is hard to believe her death occurred one year ago. In this time we gonna dedicate an article post to her outstanding sport career because all her legacy was full of dedication, inspiration, overcoming, discipline, determination, effort and commitment. This is the life and work of Amanda Savell.

Amanda Savell's Bio

Name: Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell
Country: United States Of America
Date of Birth: 01-26-1978
Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
Hometown: Plano, Texas, U.S.A.
Age: 30 years old

Contest History

  • 2001 Heart of Texas - 2nd place in Bodybuilding (Heavyweight Class)

  • 2003 Southwest Texas Bodybuilding - 1st place in Bodybuilding (Heavyweight Class) and Overall Champion

  • 2005 NPC Emerald Cup - 1st place in Figure Medium-Tall Class
  • IFBB Europa Super Show - 1st place in Figure Class
  • IFBB New York Pro Championships - 7th place in Figure Class
  • IFBB Ms Olympia - 8th place in Figure Class
  • NPC Orange County Classic (California State) - 1st place in Figure Medium-Tall Class and Overall Champion
  • IFBB Sacramento Pro Championships - 7th place in Figure Class
  • IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure - 2nd place
  • NPC USA's Championships - 1st place in Figure E Class

  • 2006 Europa Super Show - 1st place in Figure Class
  • IFBB Ms International (Inside Arnold Classic) - 3rd place in Figure Class

  • 2007 IFBB Ms International - 2nd place in Figure Class
  • IFBB Ms Olympia - 5th place in Figure Class


Atlhough she was born in Nashville, Amanda always has considered to herself like Texan citizen. She was born under Aquarius sign and in her childhood she began to experiment the sports. At the age of 4, she was practicing tennis (one of her favorite sports) and she shown great abilities for the game. When she was 6 years old, Amanda participated in several tournaments. After she moved to Bradenton, Florida, the tennis girl had entered to the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. Amanda's performances begun to have their rewards at the ages of 14-16. She was ranked in the nation Top 5 whereas in Florida and Texas states was the No. 1 tennis player. Unfortunately, when she was on the verge of to qualify as a Pro Player, an injury got over with her aspirations to play the Professional Tennis. She had a surgery with a rehabilitation that lasted 8 months.

At 17 years, she realized her dreams to become a Tennis Pro Player were over. Her most important inspiration source was her father, a full contact Karate Champion. He taught her there is another way to make the dreams come true, and when a door is closing up, there's another place opening to offer another type of chance.

Due to her great qualities in tennis, the Texas Tech University offered to Amanda a full-ride scholarship of 4 years and she accepted it without a doubt moment. Amanda continued to practicing tennis while she was studying the Sports Psychology and Family Studies degree. On the tennis team college, she was the number one or two spot. Amanda played all matches, no matter if there were singles or doubles.

The weight training wasn't so different for Amanda because she had lifted those devices for her stamina and strenght increase. When she graduated in 2000, she hadn't competitive sports to keep her busy and soon she realized about her like for the Bodybuilding. Amanda was so pleased with the results and she was in love with the muscle body she had constructed. Her father owned a chain of fitness centers all over the United States called Cosmopolitan Spa, so the gym subject wasn't a problem for Amanda.

In the 2001, Amanda began with her journey to the female muscle world. Her first competition was Heart of Texas and she reached the 2nd place on Heavyweight Class. It was a great debut because very few athletes can get the Top 3 in their first contest. Amanda began to have a promising future inside the irons sport. On 2003, she participated on the Southwest Texas Bodybuilding. On that time, Amanda achieved a smashing victory, gaining the 1st place on Heavyweight Class and the Overall Championship. Although she enjoyed the Bodybuilding, Amanda took a decision 2 years later, in which she would continue with this sport practice under another focus.

2005 was an incredible year for Amanda, she had 8 competitions. The NPC Emerald Cup, Orange County Classic and USA's were her entrance to the Figure Class, gaining the victory on the 3 contests. In the USA's Championship, she was the winner and achieved her Pro Card. Amanda was showing her competitive skills as a Figure Athlete, and her best performance as pro competitor was the Europa Super Show. Amanda won the contest and her name began to sound so strong on the United States, and all over the world. The triumph was enough to obtain the Ms Olympia's ticket and she was 8th in her first time inside the max bodybuilding contest.

On 2006, Amanda began with the invitation to the Ms International (a tournament inside the Arnold Classic) and her performance was in a high level. The 3rd place was a great achievement for her first time on the competition Figure Class. Some months later, Amanda was the supreme champion of her class in the Europa Super Show. Maybe the 2006 wasn't an intense year like the 2005, but Amanda showed the quality is beyond the contests amount.

2007 was a decisive year for Amanda and she faced the next two competitions with a lot of dedication, determination, effort and success thirst. On Ms International, she improved her last rank with a 2nd place, and she kept herself inside the Top 3 as a superb athlete. The victory gave to her the ticket to Ms Olympia and her progress was so notorius. With the 5th place, Amanda had gained her right for participate on the next edition, nevertheless no one knew about her fatal destiny one year later.

On June 5, 2008 the Bodybuilding World was surprised with the unexpected and impressive news about Amanda Savell's death. The athlete was found dead along with David Jacobs's corpse, a former NPC bodybuilder implied on a drug steroids deal sale network, even the NFL had fights with Jacobs for supposed evidences about players involved in the consumption of banned substances. According to the "official version", the death cause was apparently a crime of passion because they were fiances. And presumably, after Amanda was murdered by Jacobs, he had to commit suicide on himself to avoid a face off with the police in Plano, Texas. All happened on Jacobs's house.

Since her death, many things have been said, many rumors appears like powder drip without receive some explanation. The one certain thing is her legacy, she was an inspirational source for each life aspects and her memory will be honored by the new female athletes generations.

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