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Female Muscle Curiosities: Videogames Part 2

Hello again Female Muscle Fans. We hope you have enjoyed the previous article in which we talked about Angela Belti, the most powerful Italian Muscle Goddess from Power Instinct series. And now the next lines are going to analyze another combative Iron Warrior because with Angela's success, a wall was taken down and some characters could see the light for several games, and let's begin with this subject.

The title we are going to talk about is Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls. It was developed by Leland Interactive Media, a subsidiary of Tradewest, who took the publishing of this game for all the world. This happened in 1994. Chronologically, is the 5th part of the Double Dragon Saga and is the one sequel with a different genre because the previous adventures were beat-em-ups (the character advances whereas many enemies wait in order to stop your progress in the way towards the final boss) and the game in analysis had its 1st appearance in fighting style shown in Street Fighter 2. The one distinction with other games was the weapon combat, formula taken from Samurai Shodown. This title also had a TV Series, it which lasted two seasons on the air from 1993 to 1994. The game had many negative impressions mainly for Technos Japan's absence in the development, and with the intense competition in fighting genre against other licenses made of this the worst experiencie for all fans of this franchise (although there were many others who enjoyed this sequel, as everything in this life). The reason of this article is because there is a muscular woman who appears in the game and she is one of the final bosses in this title. Her name is Dominique and you will know everything about this powerful Iron Warrior.


Nationality: USA

Date Of Birth: Unknown (She doesn't tell it)

Height: 5' 11''

Weight: Unknown (Don't even think about asking her)

Blood Type: Unknown

Story: Of her life little is known, nevertheless there are many details that allow us to cover several aspects of her. She was born in Bronx dangerous neighborghoods and she learned to survive in these streets. In the adolescence, she discovered two of her greatest passions in her life: bodybuilding and the art of dominatrix. The first thing is because she always has been an athletic girl and she practiced all sport disciplines, being bodybuilding which gave her very good results, whereas dominatrix art is an avocation in which she enjoys the pain she generates to other people, besides she likes to dress that kind of provocative clothes. Dominique is skillful with melee fight and the handling of the whip, her main weapon. These talents were detected by the Shadow Warriors Organization, and she gained the respect of all her companions and she became in the personal bodyguard of the Big Boss, The Shadow Master. During the game events, the brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee were summoned by the Grand Dragon Sage to prepare for a martial arts tournament in Metro City, New York. They suspected that behind of the championship, the Shadow Warriors had bad intentions. They used it as a facade to hide a very evil plan. The stratagem is to spread a lab virus through city's sewer system and later make the same thing on the whole world. Both twins had to fight with gladiators like Jawbreaker, Icepick, Bones, Sickle, Blade, Trigger Happy, Countdown and Sekka, and all of them were the strongest of the organization. Billy and Jimmy defeated them, even a couple of evil copies of both brothers have fallen with Double Dragon Power, and the moment to invade Shadow Dojo has come. Dominique awaited for them at the main entrance and the brawl had begun. She was a very dangerous opponent and she put in serious strain on them with her powerful skills due to her fighting style was on the anything goes class, but with their teamwork they could overcome to this savage dominatrix. After this combat, the moment to confront with Shadow Master arrived and he confirmed his ferocity as a strong opponent, and finally the Lee Brothers defeated to this evil being. With the Big Boss downfall, all Shadow Warriors members including Dominique were arrested and Shadow Master was destroyed by Double Dragon Power. Dominique served her sentence in prison and she found a job as a Physical Education Teacher in a High School. It's not irrelevant to say that she loves her new job.

Details: Dominique is an athletic and powerful woman, and is a dominatrix, whose art consist in making seduction techniques in order to achieve the submissiveness on about being loved using elements that can be sadistic tendencies, and it comes from Latin word dominatrix. Another characteristic of this practice is the abundance of lingerie or tight clothing, almost always in black or red colors, and is considerated as a paraphillic form inside psychological studies. She's a woman who likes all that kind of tight fashion, including Spandex. By the way she is, Dominique is of that kind of women in which you think about whether it is convenient to present her with your parents. She loves all types of exercises, especially aerobics, and as a whole vain woman she hates flab, and one more thing, she doesn't like to be called babe. Dominique's powers are a Ponytail Beam, the Swoop Hurricane (spinning kicks in a crouched position) and the Highheel Knife Slide. She's got 3 different throw types, one in which she uses her whip to make the movement, the other is in which Dominique uses her strenght to winnow the opponent to the other side, and the last one is when she holds and bites to her enemy and later she kicks to the opponent and toss it to the floor. When Dominique is defeated with a stand medium punch attack in a regular distance, she collapses to mound of worms. She has two different victory poses, in the first round, she's doing squats and in the final assault, she is flexing her bicep with a lot of pride whereas she's smiling by her great satisfaction of triumph. The colors in which her costume can be chosen are black and gold. Is important to note one thing, she flexes the right or left arm depending on which side she is looking.


She is Dominique, this beautiful and powerful dominatrix will be waiting for you once you have defeated to the remaining fighters along the road. With her, the phrase appearances are deceptive is very well applied.

Dominique is one of the final bosses of this game and her fighting style is very dangerous and lethal. She won't be easy to defeat and all your ability will be tested in a fierce combat. If you defeat her, Shadow Master will be the final obstacle in your road to the victory.

This image belongs to Dominique's ending in Tournament Mode (she's not available in Quest for SNES and SEGA Genesis), according to the versions of this game, Dominique can be unlocked if you introduce a secret code for home systems and if you played the portable systems, she is ready to choose from the start.

Dominique is a great teacher in Physical Education and her methods would be very effective due to her pain fascination. Powerful and sexy to the bones, Dominique is proudly a Muscle Goddess.

Conclusions: Dominique represents a particular tendency inside Female Muscle, Burly Dominatrix. This method is often used by some athletes due to the lack of sponsorships in this sport. As sex has a great sale capacity, this is the only way in which some Steel Goddesses can receive some important funds in order to make a financing for all their preparation. Dominique also show us the way in which the seduction can be made with pain and strenght. For all Steel Maiden Admirers who have played this title, they must feel lucky because this was her first and only appearance, because with the bankruptcy of Technos LTD, this series was finished without an apparent reason and therefore, the story had an abrupt ending. If Dominique were a competitor of this discipline, she would be in Bodybuilding Lightweight Class or in the new Physique Division and in both categories, she would be a great winner for the USA. Dominique would continue with the winner tradition of the USA in Bodybuilding with the highest honors. Dominique is and will be a proudly steel maiden.

That's all for this article and we hope you have enjoyed this new focus with respect to this passion that deserves to be followed so close. Any subject related with Iron Goddessess you can write to the next e-mail address: See you next time Female Muscle Fans.