viernes, 30 de enero de 2009

FAME World Tour Body Proud Site

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. In this time we gonna talk about the other side of the coin: the Natural Fitness Movement (or No Drugs in another words). Due to the critical constants that has received the bodybuilding, fitness and figure sport with respect to the illegal use of steroids on the competitions, an organization arises to promote the sport totally free of the use of substances that improve the physical yield and is only the natural physical power. The name is FAME and take part of the World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO). Their mission is promote the Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure in the natural state without the steroids use.

FAME Story

FAME was founded by Jeffrey Kippel and Mindy Blackstien in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Both was studying in the same college in California, USA and in one time, Jeffrey and Mindy talked about the judging at physique competitions, and their ideas soon begun to merge in a common goal. Jeff had detected a void inside the fitness industry, the key point was to give a space to all the competitors that were free of drugs, and he learned all that he could to find the advantage points to create a new form to see the fitness sport. At the same time, Mindy watched in their last university year an aerobic type stage competition and she was fell in love with the fitness industry. Mindy wanted to be involved in the fitness competitions as an administrator and e-mailed to an organization for learn about the methods for create the contests, but the answer never came out. 2 weeks later, Jeffrey and Mindy cross their paths when the first Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness competition organized was on the road. Mindy and Jeffrey could unite their abilities to create a new concept that would change the established schemes inside the sports industry with a movement called Natural Fitness.

In the present time, FAME could overcome the local shows in Ontario, Canada to become in a worldwide tour company. At the start, the categories were Natural Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Fitness Model Search; but the success generated an expansion that created new classes like Muscle Model Search, Bikini Model Search, Glamour-Fashion Model Search and Figure Model Search. Aside competitions, FAME got many monthly events and workshops and got an worldwide live web broadcast that allows to see the competitions in which the natural athletes is taking part of a new movement for the health well being and inspire to another people to be Body Proud.

The FAME Vision is to create a collective impact in the society and help more people to enjoy their body, become in a Body Proud, change the lifestyle in a deep way and improve ultimately their thoughts, physique, energy and overall health.

This is the FAME Body Proud banner with Kim Landry-Ayres, one of the most powerful athletes with many natural muscles in 100%. If you want to know about her and another athletes, you can visit the next address:

In Body Proud, you can join free and create your own profile in which you can participate in discussion forums, write your own blogs, upload photos and videos, even you can add the FAME athletes in your friends list, as well as the other fans of the Natural Fitness Movement and chat with all of them in the room, and other things to do in the site. If you want to experience the FAME movement, just follow the next slogan: Your body is the ultimate machine. Cherish & nourish your home, strengthen your muscles & focus your mind. Choose to say "I AM BODY PROUD!"

That's all for now in this post. Remeber that the female muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close, even you can receive many nice surprises and change your opinion with respect to the Fitness Industry, because not all the organizations use the steroids to improve the physical yield. Any comments and suggestions, you can write to the next address:

martes, 13 de enero de 2009

Female Muscle Universe 1st Anniversary

Hello again Female Muscle Fans. In a day like today, a project dedicated to the female athletes (mainly to the female bodybuilders, fitness and figure athletes) has born as a result to the inspiration, overcoming, discipline, commitment, determination and respect to the athletic girls, because in a global world, the woman has shown her challenge capacity for each life aspect. The sport girls aren't the exception and they deserves to be recognized for their overcoming spirit and the well-being with themselves.

Female Muscle Universe celebrates their 1st year online, crossing a full way of doubts, hard obstacles and beginnings, but with time all the effort that comes from the love and respect by the women athletes began to render fruits and the desire for being better every day they became the main motor to offer to the admirers of the muscular women a space where they can freely express their devotion by these girls worthy to admire and to respect.

FMU File
(All the site activity in 2008)
  1. Arnold Classic: 1st IFBB Pro Competition covered by the site inside the USA in Cleveland, Ohio.
  2. NPC Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding and Figure Championships: 1st NPC Competition covered by the site in Covington, Kentucky.
  3. Emerald Cup: Competition shared by the United States and Canada, organized in Bellevue, Washington.
  4. IFBB New York Pro Show: NY City, New York.
  5. Ava Cowan's FAME Tropical: 1st FAME Competition covered by the site in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
  6. NPC Jr Nationals: Rosemont, Illinois.
  7. MBBFFF National Selective Circuit: 1st Competition covered by the site inside Mexico in Celaya, Guanajuato.
  8. NPC Masters Nationals: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  9. NPC USA's: Las Vegas, Nevada.
  10. Dexter Jackson Classic & Jacksonville Pro Figure Championships: Jacksonville, Florida.
  11. Europa Super Show: Dallas, Texas.
  12. Tampa Pro Show: Tampa, Florida.
  13. Clash At The Capstone: Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
  14. NPC Alabama Championship: Birmingham, Alabama.
  15. IFBB North American Bodybuilding And Figure Championships: Competition shared by the United States, Canada and Mexico, celebrated in Cleveland, Ohio.
  16. CBBF Canadian Bodybuilding Championships: 1st Competition covered by the site inside Canada in Laval, Quebec.
  17. Atlantic City Pro Bodybuilding Show: As the name implies, Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  18. WBFF World Championships: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
  19. Mr México y Señorita Perfeccion (Mr Mexico and Ms Perfection): Mexico City, Mexico.
  20. IFBB Ms Olympia: Las Vegas, Nevada.
  21. NABBA Universe: 1st Competition covered by the site inside the United Kingdom in Southport, England.
  22. IFBB Santa Susanna World Championship: 1st Competition covered by the site inside Spain in Santa Susanna, Barcelona.
  23. FAME Canadian Nationals: Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  24. AXIS LABS Colorado Natural Open: Denver, Colorado.
  25. FAME North American Championships: Miami, Florida.
  26. Kentucky Muscle Figure and BodyBuilding Championships: Louisville, Kentucky.
  27. WABBA World Championship: 1st WABBA Competition covered by the site in Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
  28. NPC Nationals: Atlanta, Georgia.
Throughout the 2008, Female Muscle Universe has worked with many things: passion, admiration, commitment and the overcoming spirit in order to give a bridge among the Female Muscle Fans and the female athletes for equal. In this 2009, Female Muscle Universe will renew its commitment to bring most excellent in the fascinating world of the Female Muscle and this trip as soon as it is beginning. 1 year is easy to say, but the hardest part is the daily work and the ideas structure in order to bring a site that can support the female sport and can make the difference with a positive message that changes the way how the society looks the female bodybuilding, fitness and figure athletes. The love and devotion for the female athletes is our principal inspiration source and we want to offer to them a site that recognize their profits and triumphs.

As in previous times, keep an eye because the female muscle deserves to be followed so close. 1 year has passed and new challenges are about to come. Any ideas, suggestions and things related with the fascinating world of the female athletes, you can wirte to the next mail address:

jueves, 8 de enero de 2009

AMG-Lite (Andy's Muscle Goddesses Lite)

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. In this time, we got one of the best websites dedicated to the female muscle athletes in their totality. Is AMG-Lite, created in 1998 by one of the most fervent visionaries of the female muscle: Andy Vogel. His passion for the female strenght has leaded to create an oasis for the female bodybuilders, fitness and figure athletes that wants to got a space for their careers, as well as the Female Muscle Fans. Andy is a fervent female muscle believer and his work did make possible that the fans can be close to the female athletes with many things like the profiles (the majority contains the information about the athletes in each aspect, like their stories, interesting data about them, even the website and their e-mail addresses for contact the favorite muscle girls), links to another forums, webcam sites and another webpages dedicated to the female strenght.

The female athletes can got a profile in the site and promote all the concerning about their careers, photos and videos. Besides, you can sign a guestbook for leave comments, doubts and another things that Andy can to solve about the muscle girls fascinating world. And you can donate money for the site sponsorship (remember that the female muscle got many sacrifices and the athletes needs many economic support for all their training sessions that allow them to carve those amazing muscle bodies, worth to admire and respect because aside of the hard training, they got a strong mind and determination that leads to them overcome always their limits and further on). And this is just the beginning about the many things that the site can offer for the female athletes and the fans for equal.

This is the AMG-Lite Banner. If you want to explore this temple with a lot of devotion to the female athletes, you can enter in the next link:

This is one of the most complete sites dedicated to the muscle goddesses, and the page got 10 years in the net, so that speaks very well about the Andy's job. So keep an eye because the website offers everyday many news about the recommended sites, the profiles, and many more things. And as always, the female muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close. That's all for now. If you want to propose ideas and questions that talk about the female athletes, you can write to the next address: