martes, 26 de diciembre de 2017

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 2017

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. Now is time to say goodbye to another year with many surprises and many challenges to overcome. This year has had many problems and it generated a turbulence like never before it has seen, but we have always to resist and fight back to keep forward. 2017 book is about to end, and we need to prepare for a new tale called 2018.

As well as our Steel Goddesses are always facing the next obstacles, all FMU team are ready to bring to you more content for all Female Muscle Fans and being always your favorite site. One more time, we want to thank your preference in all of our years of online activity, and for you we will keep in the improvement way for overcoming past achievements.

On behalf of FMU team, we wish you happy holidays and a new year full of health, prosperity in all aspects and love of all your dear beings.

As always we are saying, Female Muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close. And 2018 is around the corner. We hope to keep your preference and support for new challenges and keep celebrating these parties.

martes, 12 de diciembre de 2017

Net Neutrality

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. In this time we are not going to talk about our favorite subject, because in Thursday 14th, in the United States the Congress will be voting about Net Neutrality. Now is time to explain it.

Net neutrality

This is the principle in which all sites can be watched for everyone, no matter if you have a slow lane connection, or a fast lane connection. In this concept, all Internet providers can't censor no content, and they can't be watching you as a spy, with all times in which you are connecting to the web. If Net neutrality is broken, prepare for face the censorship in a high level or say goodbye to you best sites.

How to combat censorship?

Who wants the censorship?

Ajit Pai, he is the FCC from the United States, and he used to be a corporative lawyer from Verizon, a company that provides an awful Internet service. They, along with Donald "Big Bully" Trump want to control the content on web, and they want to start a witch hunt against civil associations that are fighting to destroy their dark agenda.

For all of our Female Muscle Fans from the United States, we want to say we are against censorship and power abuse. Let's fight against Big Bully Trump and their cronies for they leave alone our Internet we love, and our passion for Female Muscle won't be silenced.