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Shawn Tan

From North Side of American Continent it's located a country with an extensive amount of ground that has earned it the appointment to be the world's second largest country. This is Canada, and this nation has border with the United States in the South and Northwest through Alaska state, Pacific Ocean at West, Arctic Ocean at North, Atlantic Ocean at East and Greenland at Northeast. This homeland has an interesting contrast in cultural issue beginning with native tribes like Micmac, Beothuk, Cree, Ojibwa, Iroquoian (also known as Iroquois), Hurons, Abenaki, Blackfoot, Innu, Haida and Salish among others. Besides of these ethnicities, Canada is a nation of two worlds, composed by British roots covering almost the entire country and French roots that are represented by Quebec, the one province of French speaking. Canada is honored to include in their territory the Rocky Mountains, they are located in Alberta and British Columbia and they go through the United States in South Border. In sports subject, Canada has had materials to excel in every discipline, no matter if they are in winter or summer, and Bodybuilding is not the exception. This homeland has one of the best competitors that this discipline has ever obtained. Her name is Shawn Tan and you will know in depth about this mighty muscle warrior.

Musculator Girl Profile

Name: Shawn Tan

Date of birth: May 3, 1972

Birthplace (City, State and Country): Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Present Hometown (City, State and Country): Confidential information

Age: 47

Profession: Personal Trainer/Coach, director of competitions for British Columbia Amateur Bodybuilding Association and columnist for Female Muscle online magazine (www.femalemuscle.com).

Years of training: 36 years of training

Please give us a little introduction of yourself: I am a mom of Irish twins (boy and girl), I am a personal trainer specializing in individual training, cardio programs and nutrition plans. Custom contest preparation. One on one personal training and group fitness. I also do posing clinics and choreographed posing and fitness routines.

Story: I was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada in May 3, 1972. I am the only daughter in my family. My father was a successful musician and my mother a great model and actress. My first steps on sports were with swimming and baseball and at the age of twelve, my father introduced me the weight lifting. He was my inspiration to begin my own competition legend. He was a great athlete too and he always gave everything in his tournaments. In my teenage years, I had struggle with Bulimia and Anorexia, both diseases caused to me many troubles with my life and my way of eating. Besides, I had a traumatic experience of being sexually abused when I was young by someone very close to my family. I found the inner strenght to overcome my fears and I became in a stronger person. I defeated Anorexia and Bulimia and I left behind the past wounds of my life. After 6 years I defeated all my problems and I found myself married and I became in a mother of two children, and at the same time my parents sufered with cancer, my mom had Breast Cancer and my dad had another type of the same disease in a terminal phase. My dad was my best friend, my greatest strenght. I took care of him as his nurse at St Mary’s Hospital until he passed away. I promised him on his death bed that I would put to use all that he had taught me and get back into shape because I suffered an overweight after my two pregnancies. I did my return to the competitive stage at Sandra Wickham Fall Classic in 2005 and I won the Woman’s Heavyweight Class in his honor and this is the most important championship for me due to significative that it is for me. And since then until now, no matter if I compete or I don’t, this lifestyle allows me to help many people to fulfill their dreams.

Contest History:

1990 – Gold’s Classic

1990 – BC Provincials

2005 – Sandra Wickham Fall Classic

2007 – NPC Emerald Cup

2007 – BC Provincials

2008 – NPC Emerald Cup

All of them were on Bodybuilding Heavyweight Class

Training Routine: My training routine changes constantly and I am very instinctive with my training. Tipically though I do not train calves, I always train quads with very high reps and I overtrain my shoulders, it works well for me.

Best bodypart: I don’t know. I don’t have a favorite bodypart in particular.

Favorite exercise: I don’t have a favorite exercise, I like everything... as long as I am lifting weights I am happy.

Favorite music: I like many genders of music except jazz.

Favorite color: Favorite color to wear is blue and black, favorite color to decorate is orange and lime green.

Favorite Quote: To get somewhere you have never been you must do something you have never done.

Favorite bodybuilder (man and woman): I don’t have a favorite bodybuilder in particular.

Hobbies: I like to go out for dinner, watching movies and spending time with loved ones.

A typical day in your life: My day is busy as I have two children and my work schedule is never the same. Typically my day starts between 6 am and 7 am and ends around 11 pm.

Sponsors: I don’t have a sponsor.

What do you enjoy most about the bodybuilding/fitness lifestyle?

I enjoy most of the lifestyle is helping others.

What do you enjoy about training for competition?

I enjoy testing myself mentally and physically when prepping for a show.

Curiosities about yourself: I don’t like fruit, I am extremely OCD and I am a total homebody.

What has left in your life the practice of the sport?

I am not a patient person, however I imagine this sport has taught me to be more patient then I would have been. Discipline, consistency and dedication.

Which are your most appraised values like athlete and person?

My most appraised value as an athlete is determination and as a person my honesty and loyalty.

Which is the difference between the Offseason and On Season in your own words?

The only difference between my Offseason and On Season is I am not as disciplined with my food.

Which is the greatest satisfaction in your sport career?

Knowing that it is something my dad and I shared together (he passed away) and this sport makes me feel closer to him. Also, I have managed to overcome a severe eating disorder which they gave me about a week to live, and I also have overcome obesity.

The woman in the present world has shown their capacity for take challenges in all society fields and the sport is not the exception. What do you think about the female sport on the future?

I feel the death of the sport of female bodybuilding is inevitable because it is not accepted overall in society.

Website and e-mail contact: My website is www.shawn-tan.net and my e-mail is shawn@shawn-tan.net.

Do you want to say something else to the Female Muscle Fans, as well as the female amateur athletes?

If you want it, go for it... just be prepared it isn’t easy so you must stay strong hearted.


Shawn is making her cardio session through bycicle, and she is always making her progress through her cell phone camera. Powerful and beautiful as always.

Undoubtly, Shawn has one of her best bodyparts in her abs. She has an ultra sexy laundry abs in her power, and is undeniable her beauty is incomparable. Beautiful and powerful woman, Shawn is now and forever a Musculator Woman.

Now Bat Shawn reveals her secret identity and the next step is to do an impressive act on stage. Shawn will play her most recent tricks that she's prepared to impact to all crowd.

Powerful and beautiful as always, Shawn is showing her amazing physique form and there is no doubt about her training and preparation. Shawn is giving everything she's got to reach the total glory and crowning a big effort of many months.

Finally, after an outstanding performance, Shawn won the first place in her class, and later in overall category she ended in fourth position. With these results, Shawn finishes a career with great victories and many lessons of life.

Now Shawn is retired of competitive activity, but she is still a powerful Iron Lady in all aspects, with her discipline and determination. She is always sensual and beautiful, even when she trains with a lot of Steel Power.

This sexy Canadian athlete is one of the most beautiful women that have appeared in this sport, and now she knows how to look spectacular, even if she is wearing eyeglasses for special vision care when is necessary.

Shawn and sensuality are an excellent combination, and in this black & white image you can appreciate how lovely she is. Shawn is one of the most outstanding fitness models in these times, and her creativity is out of all doubts.

Shawn is on of the most beautiful Canadian women that fitness world had the fortune to meet, and she is a woman who knows how to surprise to her fans and to her clients as a great personal trainer. Sensuality, elegance, class and a big doses of muscular power are the ingredients that makes a spectacular difference in the world of today.

These are big and powerful legs in a well adjusted jeans pants. Shawn is showing her best results and her discipline is her best proof about her dedication and effort.

Shawn Tan is a great representative of a generation of Canadian athletes, whose competitive level is always rising everytime. Her story is a clear example about how she could overcome all types of adversities and she won many challenges in life. Shawn is a competitive athlete and her human quality is sensational. She is one of the best bodybuilders of her generation and she gave good results in which her performance has been one of the best inside her country. All her capacity always was in a great level and her legacy is a great satisfaction because all new competitors will know all obstacles that will appear on the road. Shawn Tan has done a great role as a competitive bodybuilder, and now she's teaching her knowledge to new athletes in which they will fight to fulfill their dreams in order to being the best Canadian warriors on stage. Her human quality is her best attribite for all people who know her very well and Shawn reflects this aspect with a sensational physique form and her spectacular charm. Shawn Tan is now, tomorrow and always an authentic Canuck Combative Woman.

That's all for this profile, and we hope you have enjoyed this work whose purpose is know and understand all the stories, reasons and another things related to the female muscle representatives. The female muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close and this is a tribute for the women that fights everyday for achieve the best physique form in order to reach the wellbeing with themselves and the rewards to all their efforts. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

Important Notes: All the photographies are used by Shawn Tan's courtesy and personal authorization, so contact her if you want to use her pictures.

Shawn doesn't do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please respect her because first than nothing she's a woman that needs a treatment just like all the human beings.

It is strictly forbidden to reproduce any part of this journalistic work in all aspects.