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Mara Fabiana Compañone

On South Cone of American continent there is a country that is the largest of Spanish speaking, it is Argentina. This nation has border with Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, Brazil to northeast, the east with Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean, to west with Chile and south with Drake Passage or Sea of Sickles that leads to Antarctic. The ethnic groups that inhabited this territory are composed by Tehuelches or Patagonians, Chorotis, Huarpes, Abipons, Mataguayans, Capayans, Chichas, among others. Argentina is one of the populations that has been touched by the path of Andes Mountain Range, which in turn passes through Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and part of Venezuela. And at the Antarctic the glaciers appear and they have given to local tourism a great renown. If there is something that characterizes to the Argentinian people is the passion with they defend their colors in sports field, and Bodybuilding is not a stranger to this phenomenon. This homeland has one of the most outstanding athletes who have appeared on the pampean steel scene. Her name is Mara Fabiana Compañone and you will know thorougly to this powerful muscle warrior.

Musculator Girl Profile

Name: Mara Fabiana Compañone

Date of birth: 07/11/1966

Birthplace (City, State and Country): Venado Tuerto (Eyed Deer), Santa Fe Province, Argentina.

Present Hometown (City, State and Country): Gonnet (La Plata), Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

Age: 53 years

Profession: Personal Trainer

Years of training: 33 years working out my body.

Please give us a little introduction of yourself: My height 1.58 mts, my weight outside of competition 65 kilos and in competition oscillates between 58 kg to 60 kg. Is a pleasure to train at the gym daily and also going out with my mountain bicycle to do cycling or going to run too.

Story: I had been training about 30 years. I began because I saw some women Bodybuilding. In 1988 I saw Diana Dennis and Cory Everson and I looked at them and I liked a lot their muscles. When I saw them I decided to begin the gym and to increase my muscles. I always liked muscle women, this was the reason I decided to workout hard in gym. When I began training in gym, I always said this is my style of life. I love the gym, this is for all my life.

Contest History: My competitive story began in 1989 winning te Argentinian Championship  in Bodybuilding, and in 1990 Championship of Champions in Female Bodybuilding. In 2002 I began in Fitness Figure winning the tournaments in Argentina. In 2006 I traveled to Moscow, Russia. I consecrated as world runner up WFF Super Athletic Category. In 2013 I was a South American Champion in Sao Paulo, Brazil, NABBA. In 2014 I won the South American Championship in Paraguay NABBA. In 2015 I won the South American WFF in Argentina, and in that same year I achieved my great title and my personal lust and consecrating me as a world champion in Belgium WPF Figure Hard Physique category. In 2016 I’ve got an invitation to the amateur world championship in Lithuania and the Olympia Pro where they would give me my Pro card to compete already in WFF professional tournaments. I won the WPF Miss Universe championship, in its 2016 edition, celebrated in Italy, inside Hard Figure Physique category. In 2017, I participated at the WPF Miss Universe tournament, celebrated in Belgium, competing in the Hard Physique category where I won the first place and later I entered to overall championship where I won triumphantly.

Training Routine: I train everyday until Sundays and between 2 and 3 hours per day. Depends of the days I do sometimes high weights, less repetitions and other days more repetitions, less weights and super sets. I divide all the different muscular groups 2 times per week. Each muscular group, except abs, I train them 4 to 5 weekly times and also I do aerobics.

Best bodypart: I have all great, but I think my best part of my body are shoulders, my abs and ass.

Favorite exercise: I like a lot to train my abs. Back and chest are also my favorite trainings.

Favorite music: Music, the truth is that I don’t have a special pedilection for none, maybe techno music is good for training.

Favorite color: Red and Black.

Favorite Quote: Gym is my happiness.

Favorite bodybuilder (man and woman): My favorite bodybuilder is Denis Masino. Also Bob Paris is my favorite athlete.

Hobbies: My hobbies are going out in the open air to ride on my bike or going to run and jump with music. Also taking a sunbath I like it so much.

A typical day in your life: A typical day of mine, I’ve got a lot of pupils in my gym, I´m a personal trainer, rather I’m a very home woman. I train and I teach classes. The rest of the day is to workout my body in three times per day, I train in gym and aerobic abs too.

Sponsors: I don’t have sponsors, here in Argentina is hard to get sponsors in this sports.

What do you enjoy most about the bodybuilding/fitness lifestyle?

I enjoy of this sports, I enjoy of looking so fine physically everyday. I like to overcome myself everyday and going watching how can I improve some imperfection. I enjoy all in my training, but for me is a pleasure to feel my strenght, I like a lot to be very strong.

What do you enjoy about training for competition?

In a preparation for a competition I enjoy how much my body is ripping day after day with a strict diet and I enjoy the competition day about how I arrive in my best shape. Is a pleasure for me.

Curiosities about yourself: I like all sports, but especially individual sports like running, cycling, lifting weights, swimming, etc. I like to be in places with a lot of trees and grass like parks.

What has left in your life the practice of the sport?

This sports has made that I let a bit of side other sports which I also liked, I mean, instead of going in bike more of 2 hours, I’ve had to reduce to 1 hour, as in the long distances running to just doing short sections. My life is the gym, I love this sports. I didn’t leave nothing to do this, maybe only personal things.

Which are your most appraised values like athlete and person?

The people appreciate my full dedication to my body and behavior in doing the strict diet. The thing I appreciate in an athlete is the line of symmetry and definition of ratios, not so much the size.

Which is the difference between the Offseason and On Season in your own words?

The difference in Offseason and season is that during the time far away of competitions you can train with more weights to grow and a diet with more carbs (a free diet) than the period to be ripped. When I’m going to compete I do a strict diet with a lot of protein and less carbs. Although I think all depends of every athlete.

Which is the greater satisfaction in your sport career?

My best satisfaction was winning my first world championship in Brussels, Belgium 2015 for WPF and now I’m very glad I have an invitation to compete in Lithuania and two events that are World Championship WFF in october 15th and my first Olympia Pro (Professional Championship) in Kansas in october 16th. It was my great personal desire and I could achieve it.

The woman in the present world has shown their capacity for take challenges in all society fields and the sport is not the exception. What do you think about the female sport on the future?

I think the FBB are not the big Bodybuilding I like until Physique category. I like Denise Masino because she is very sexy, beautiful and feminine, and she is how I think a woman must arrive, not too much muscle. I think in this sports, the future trend is to Physique category, that it would be my class. Female Bodybuilding is trending to dissapear, it not exists at the Olympia anymore, therefore it watches a lighter tendency in female musculature. This is my appreciation.

Website and e-mail contact: I have my site in Facebook, it’s name is Mara F C entrenamiento personalizado (custom training). My e-mail is marafitnessfigura@hotmail.com.

Do you want to say something else to the Female Muscle Fans, as well as the female amateur athletes?

I would say to fans that thank you very much for all the support you gave to us. This is a recognizement to everything we do, and we know your unconditional affection is the extra that allows to give more of we already do in our discipline. To women I would say the one way to have success in this sports is training hard everyday and eating healthy for growing the muscle, and in quality you don’t stop training, you must training hard everyday and eating very well, and you must have patience to see big results.


Women are taking advantage of their great moment to show off the muscular mass that allows them to reach the highest heights and thus gain the victory.

The award finally arrived, and it is the moment in which Mara will see all the time and effort invested pluse the money of preparation to get the title of absolute champion. No doubt the peak moment arrived.

Mara Fabiana won the victory both in her Hard Physique category as overall, being the best participant of that class.

Once the championship finished, it arrived the moment of celebrating the rewards for which she has worked with the objective of achieving always the sports excellence.

Mara's musculature is showing a great physical work that is remarkable to the first impression. The Argentine is throwing all the meat to the spit to succeed in this round.

The final round begins, and all participants prepare to give everything on stage, and earn the score that leads to the first places.

The final instance has come where each movement counts, and they must maintain concentration so that their score is as high as possible for victory.

Mara and the other participants must maintain the whole focus until the last moment so that they don't give any advantage to achieve the score that leads them to the top.

The crowning moment of the awards is getting closer, and all the participants of the different categories are gathering to start listening to the final verdict.

Mara's mountain range surprises all those presents due to the great dedication she has shown to demonstrate her great competitive level within the joust.

Mara Fabiana is a competitor that shows what discipline, dedication, effort and conviction of wanting to do very well the things bring the desired harvests for successing and thrive on each situation that is present. She's a woman that when she gets clear the objective, she doesn't stop until she gets it, thanks to she keeps a record that allows her to fight for the proposed goals. She's a woman who lives and exudes the sport in her being, what is note in every muscular group what is appreciates well defined and worked. She's an outstanding athlete. The Argentine Steel Scene has in Mara to another great exponent that knows to sweat the effort and the soul to overcome the obstacles that appear along the way, so keep an eye to her because she's an athlete that knows to represent with a lot of pride and determination to her homeland, with the characteristic passion of azure athletes.

That's all for this profile, and we hope you have enjoyed this work whose purpose is know and understand all the stories, reasons and another things related to the female muscle representatives. The female muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close and this is a tribute for the women that fights everyday for achieve the best physique form in order to reach the wellbeing with themselves and the rewards to all their efforts. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

Important Notes: All the photographies are used by Mara Fabiana Compañone's courtesy and personal authorization, so contact her if you want to use her pictures.

Mara Fabiana doesn't do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please respect her because first than nothing she's a woman that needs a treatment just like all the human beings.

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