viernes, 15 de enero de 2010

Female Muscle Universe 2nd Anniversary

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. 2 years ago in January 13th, Female Muscle Universe has born with one goal in mind: bring to all Women Strenght's Admirers a site in which they can show without being criticized all their passion and admiration for these Steel Maidens, whose destiny is fulfill all their dreams in sport world and their daily lives. In this world where women have shown all their capacities as human beings, the sports are not the exception and muscle girls deserves to be recognized in the same way as other athletes in different disciplines.

All Female Athletes have in this site a space in which all their sports achievements will be a conversation subject and they will always be admired and respected as human beings they are.

FMU File (All the site activity in 2009)

1.- FAME Northeast USA Model & Figure Championships: 1st competition covered by the site inside the USA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
2.- Arnold Classic: 1st IFBB Pro Competition celebrated in Columbus, Ohio.
3.- NPC Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding: 1st NPC competition covered by the site in Covington, Kentucky.
4.- FAME Ontario Championships: Event celebrated in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. 1st competition in Canadian Territory.
5.- NPC Natural Ohio: Lakewood, Ohio.
6.- Emerald Cup: Competition shared by the United States and Canada, organized in Bellevue, Washington.
7.- FAME Lone Star Championships: Houston, Texas.
8.- IFBB New York Pro Show: New York City, New York.
9.- Mr Mexico Youth & Veterans: 1st contest covered by the site in Mexican Republic inside Mexico City, Mexico.
10.- FAME World Championships: Outremont, Quebec, Canada.
11.- NPC Jr Nationals: Rosemont, Illinois.
12.- NPC Masters Nationals: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
13.- NPC Cyto Charge Colorado State: Denver, Colorado.
14.- National Selective MBBFFF Circuit: Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.
15.- NPC USA's: Las Vegas, Nevada.
16.- BC Provincial Championships: New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.
17.- Dexter Jackson Classic & Jacksonville Pro Figure Championships: Jacksonville, Florida.
18.- IFBB Tampa Pro Show: Tampa, Florida.
19.- Canadian Bodybuilding Championships: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
20.- IFBB North American Championships: Cleveland, Ohio.
21.- Mr Mexico: Mexico City, Mexico.
22.- Ms Olympia: Las Vegas, Nevada.
23.- NABBA Universe: 1st NABBA Competition covered by the site inside the United Kingdom in Southport, England.
24.- FAME Canadian Nationals: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
25.- WABBA World Championship: 1st WABBA Competition covered by the site inside Hungary in Budapest.
26.- Kentucky Muscle Figure and Bodybuilding Championships: Louisville, Kentucky.
27.- NPC Nationals: Hollywood, Florida.

Aside of covering competitions, FMU began with Muscle Women's Profiles in order to know some aspects behind athletic girls and understand better their ambitions and dreams in this sport.

Throughout 2009, Female Muscle Universe has worked with many things: passion, admiration, commitment and the overcoming spirit in order to give a bridge among the Female Muscle Fans and the female athletes for equal. In this 2010, Female Muscle Universe will renew its commitment to bring most excellent in the fascinating world of the Female Muscle and this trip as soon as it is beginning. 2 years is easy to say, but the hardest part is the daily work and the ideas structure in order to bring a site that can support the female sport and can make the difference with a positive message that changes the way how the society looks the female bodybuilding, fitness and figure athletes. The love and devotion for the female athletes is our principal inspiration source and we want to offer to them a site that recognize their profits and triumphs.

As in previous times, keep an eye because the female muscle deserves to be followed so close. 2 years have passed and new challenges are about to come. Any ideas, suggestions and things related with the fascinating world of the female athletes, you can wirte to the next mail address: