sábado, 23 de febrero de 2008

Arnold Classic

In this time, I'll talk about the Arnold Classic competition. The Arnold Classic will be carried out in Columbus, Ohio in february last week (friday 29), and march beginnings (saturday 1 and sunday 2) respectively.
Next, a little bit of the Arnold Classic history.

The Arnold Classic is an annual bodybuilding competition, named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, that takes place in late February or early March in Columbus, Ohio, United States. It is considered the most lucrative competition in bodybuilding, with a number of large prizes. Most notably, first prize consists of $100,000 cash, a Hummer vehicle, and a Rolex watch. The Arnold Classic rivals the Mr. Olympia in prestige and popularity[citation needed]. Like most bodybuilding competitions it is always hotly contested and often only one or two competition points will separate the winners.

The Arnold Classic includes three competitions for women: Ms. International, Fitness International, and Figure International. It has also been expanded to feature gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, fencing, table tennis, yoga, martial arts, strongman competitions, archery, wrestling, powerlifting and many other sports.

The Arnold Expo is held in the Greater Columbus Convention Center, while finals of the bodybuilding, fitness, figure, and strongman competitions are held in the Franklin County Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Beginning in 2006, events in boxing, martial arts and figure skating were added at Nationwide Arena.

The date for the 2008 event is February 29 - March 2, 2008.

For effects of our site, we will only consider the fbb, fitness and figure events.

The winners for each category are the next:

Year Ms International (fbb) Fitness International Figure International

1989 Jackie Paisley

1990 Laura Creavalle

1991 Tonya Knight

1992 Anja Schreiner

1993 Kim Chizevsky

1994 Laura Creavalle

1995 Laura Creavalle

1996 Kim Chizevsky

1997 Yolanda Hughes Carol Semple-Marzetta

1998 Yolanda Hughes Susie Curry

1999 Vickie Gates Susie Curry

2000 Vickie Gates Kelly Ryan

2001 Vickie Gates Jenny Worth

2002 Yaxeni Oriquen Susie Curry

2003 Yaxeni Oriquen Susie Curry Jenny Lynn

2004 Iris Kyle Adela Garcia-Friedmansky Jenny Lynn

2005 Yaxeni Oriquen Jenn Hendershott Jenny Lynn

2006 Iris Kyle Adela Garcia Mary Elizabeth Lado

2007 Iris Kyle Kim Klein Mary Elizabeth Lado

Female muscle fans (no matter the category), prepare to meet the next female winners for the Arnold Classic 2008 edition.

Any cooments, suggestions and photos for this and another fbb contests, please write to this mail: femalemusclefanforever@gmail.com.

See you next time female muscle fans.