martes, 20 de agosto de 2019

Net Neutrality 23

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. We have more and disturbing news about fight for protecting Net Neutrality, and as always, we are going to announce you the most important facts in this fight for one of our rights, a free Internet with a responsible flow of information. So let's begin with this article.

Unfortunately, these news are not so good. According with Fight for the Future site, it was possible to get a leak of information in which Donald “shithole” Trump will make a witch hunt through Internet, and his henchman would be Ajit “fagot” Pai. Any political speech with contrary ideas to present officialism would be chased as public enemy number 1. Coming up next, we are showing a message taken for Fight for the Future site in which all details are revealed in order to prepare our next counterattack.

Donald Trump wants to give Ajit Pai a new job: Internet Censor-in-Chief.
Leaked documents show that President Trump is preparing an executive order that will put FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and the FTC in charge of policing political speech they deem unacceptable on Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much anywhere else on the Internet.
We need to act FAST to stop this proposal. With a big enough public backlash, we can get Trump to back off and save free speech on the Internet.
If signed and upheld by the courts, this order would give the FCC and FTC sweeping power to control what speech is allowed on online forums and media platforms.
It would essentially be the end of free speech on the Internet.
The proposal would give unelected government bureaucrats the power to revoke free speech protections passed by Congress as part of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, the key law that allows websites that allow user-generated content—like forums, social media, meme generators, and review sites—to exist.
In practice, this executive order would mean that whichever political party is in power could dictate what speech is allowed on the Internet. If the government doesn’t like the way a private company is moderating content, they can shut their entire website down.
No government official should have such sweeping power to control political speech, certainly not a former Verizon lawyer who has used his office to attack free expression over and over again.
Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Socialist, Independent, or something else, this plan should send shivers down your spine, and it’s been condemned by First Amendment experts across the political spectrum.1, 2, 3

It’s likely that the White House leaked this draft in order to test the waters. They’ve done this before. If we can stir up a large and immediate public backlash, we can stop this attack on the First Amendment right now. Will you rush an emergency donation right now to help fight back?

Here are the next links in order to keep supporting the fight for protecting our Internet as source of free and responsoble information.

With these details we have given to you, we must stay alert because hard times are here and is important to be able to react and fight against injustices. With this we have informed the most recent in this subject, and we have to keep fighting for defeating evil oligarchs who want to impose their dark agenda with strength. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.