jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

Ms. Olympia 2014 Results

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. The Ms. Olympia 2014 already has their winners. In this time we are going to mention the 3 first places for each category, so let's begin with the results.

Ms. Olympia 2014


1st place: Iris Kyle (United States Of America)
Residence: Katy, Texas, USA.

2nd place: Alina Popa (Romania)
Residence: Arvada, Colorado, USA.

3rd place: Debi Laszewski (United States Of America)
Residence: Jupiter, Florida, USA.


1st place: Juliana Malacarne (Brazil)
Residence: Gken Head, New York, USA.

2nd place: Dana Linn Bailey (United States Of America)
Residence: Reading, Pennsylvania, USA.

3rd place: Tycie Coppett (United States Of America)
Residence: Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


1st place: Oksana Grishina (Russia)
Residence: Los Angeles, California, USA.

2nd place: Regiane Da Silva (Brazil)
Residence: Gudensberg, Hesse, Germany.

3rd place: Tanji Johnson (United States Of America)
Residence: Renton, Washington, USA.


1st place: Nicole Wilkins (United States Of America)
Residence: Temecula, California, USA.

2nd place: Candice Keene (United States Of America)
Residence: Orlando, Florida, USA.

3rd place: Candice Lewis (Also Known As Candice Lewis-Carter and from United States Of America)
Residence: Denver, Colorado, USA.


1st place: Ashley Kaltwasser (United States Of America)
Residence: Canton, Ohio, USA.

2nd place: Janet Layug (United States Of America)
Residence: Lakeland, Florida, USA.

3rd place: Stacey Alexander (United States Of America)
Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Congratulations to all athletes that have participated in this tournament and all their effort was rewarded because it was a great triumph to arrive in a championship in which everyone wants to be, but only a few ones were able to appear. Each one of them made many sacrifices in order to reach the total glory and their effort is worth to be considerated with all the maximum respects and honors. One more time, congratulations for all of them.

Special mention to the next competitors: Jennifer Sedia, Sheila Bleck, Anne Louise Freitas, Simone de Oliveira, Oksana Grishina and Marta Aguiar, they are the best examples of the dedication and passion they put to their training and they reflect them on stage. Each one of them represent to their countries with a lot of passion and determination. They are always beauty and powerful and all their effort is well recognized due to their quality and triumph desires. Keep an eye to all of them because the USA, Brazil, Russia and Uruguay will offer many surprises with them as ambassadors in this sport. At the same time, is important to announce that Iris Kyle has decided to put a final point to her career after many years of dominance since the last decade to now. She wrote her name inside the legends and this is a way to make a great final to her sporting career.

That's all for this contest and remember that Female Muscle is a great passion that deserbes to be followed so close. Any idea, comment or suggestions you can write to the next e-mail address: femalemusclefanforever@gmail.com. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.