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Arnold Classic Europe 2014 Results

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. The Arnold Classic 2014 already has their winners. In this time we are going to mention the conquerors of the 3 first places, so let's begin with the results.

Arnold Classic Europe 2014

Physique (Up to 1.63 mts Class)

1st place: Alina Cepurniene (Lithuania)
Residence: Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania.

2nd place: Federica Ortu (Italy)
Residence: Augusta Taurinorum (Turin), Piemonte, Italy.

3rd place: Ekaterina Grima (Ukraine)
Residence: Unknown.

Physique (Over 1.63 mts Class)

1st place: Cristina Goy Arellano (Spain)
Residence: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

2nd place: Joanna Romano Cano (Spain)
Residence: Sant Cugat del Vallés, Catalonia, Spain.

3rd place: Lidia Miralpeix (Spain)
Residence: Gerona, Catalonia, Spain.

Overall Physique Champion: Cristina Goy Arellano.

Masters Women Bikini Fitness Class

1st place: Ana Lia Hernandez Barreto (Spain)
Residence: Tacoronte, Canary Islands, Spain.

2nd place: Gabriella Rákóczi (Hungary)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Jana Slívová (Czech Republic)
Residence: Ostrava, Moravia-Silesia, Czech Republic.

Masters Women Bodyfitness Class

1st place: Veronica Gallego Garcia (Spain)
Residence: Alicante, Alicante, Spain.

2nd place: Irina Topoleva (Russia)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Maria Scotland (United Kingdom)
Residence: Reigate, Surrey, England (UK).

Masters Women's Physique Class

1st place: Joanna Romano Cano (It was already explained previously)

2nd place: Ekaterina Grima (It was already explained previously)

3rd place: Lidia Miralpeix (It was already explained previously)

Junior Bikini Fitness Class

1st place: Lone Norås (Norway)
Residence: Lakselv, Norway.

2nd place: Marina Krause (Germany)
Residence: Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

3rd place: Aneta Mozeiko (Lithuania)
Residence: Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania.

Junior Bodyfitness Class

1st place: Una Margrét Heimisdóttir (Iceland)
Residence: Reikiavik, Gullbringusysla, Iceland.

2nd place: Marie Steffen (Germany)
Residence: Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.

3rd place: Ellen Elizabeth Berg (Norway)
Residence: Svingvoll, Gausdal, Norway.

Bikini Fitness (Up to 1.60 mts Class)

1st place: Romina Basualdo Pereyra (Argentina)
Residence: Bahia Blanca (White Bay), Argentina.

2nd place: Maria del Pilar Aranguren (Spain)
Residence: Extremadura, Spain.

3rd place: Carla Fernandez (Spain)
Residence: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

Bikini Fitness (Up to 1.63 mts Class)

1st place: Olga Blokhina (Russia)
Residence: Moscow, Russia.

2nd place: Rodika Bodrug (Sweden)
Residence: Gothenburg, Västra Götaland, Sweden.

3rd place: Lone Norås (It was already explained previously).

Bikini Fitness (Up to 1.66 mts Class)

1st place: Frida Sjöström (Sweden)
Residence: Stockholm, Sweden.

2nd place: Marcia Goncalves (Brazil)
Residence: Bello Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

3rd place: Ruth Marie Dales (United Kingdom)
Residence: Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England (United Kingdom).

Bikini Fitness (Up to 1.69 mts Class)

1st place: Olga Viazmetinova (Ukraine)
Residence: Kiev, Ukraine.

2nd place: Egle Eller-Nabi (Estonia)
Residence: Tallin, Harjumaa, Estonia.

3rd place: Elvira Cara (Moldova)
Residence: Unknown.

Bikini Fitness (Up to 1.72 mts Class)

1st place: Kristina Nuut (Estonia)
Residence: Tallin, Harjumaa, Estonia.

2nd place: Liana Moroz (Russia)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Karen Linf Thompson (Iceland)
Residence: Reikiavik, Gullbringusysla, Iceland.

Bikini Fitness (Over 1.72 mts Class)

1st place: Olivia Rebeka Pohankova (Slovakia)
Residence: Bratislava, Slovakia.

2nd place: Xenia Sheveleva (Russia)
Residence: Vladivostok, Primor'ye, Russia.

3rd place: Kathrin Hollman (Germany)
Residence: Lower Saxony, Germany.

Overall Bikini Fitness Champion: Olga Viazmetinova (Ukraine).

Bodyfitness (Up to 1.58 mts Class)

1st place: Vivien Oláh (Hungary)
Residence: Debrecen, Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary.

2nd place: Bienvenida Bevia Estruch (Spain)
Residence: Ontinyent, Valencian Community, Spain.

3rd place: Szandra Hidasi (Hungary)
Residence: Dorog, Komárom-Esztergom, Hungary.

Bodyfitness (Up to 1.63 mts Class)

1st place: Irina Topoleva (It was already explained previously).

2nd place: Veronica Gallego Garcia (It was already explained previously).

3rd place: Maria Bozinovska (Sweden)
Residence: Marbella, Andalusia, Spain.

Bodyfitness (Up to 1.68 mts Class)

1st place: Eva Rusan (Croatia)
Residence: Grad Zagreb, Croatia.

2nd place: Maria Scotland (It was already explained previously).

3rd place: Marie Steffen (Germany)
Residence: Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.

Bodyfitness (Over 1.68 mts Class)

1st place: Mette Stensland (Norway)
Residence: Oslo, Norway.

2nd place: Alexandra Hipwell (Germany)
Residence: Berlin, Germany.

3rd place: Ellen Elizabeth Berg (It was already explained previously).

Overall Bodyfitness Champion: Vivien Oláh.

Fitness (Up to 1.63 mts Class)

1st place: Piia Pajunen (Finland)
Residence: Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Finland.

2nd place: Nikolett Szabó (Hungary)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Anna Dudushkina (Russia)
Residence: Dmitrov, Moscow Oblast, Russia.

Fitness (Over 1.63 mts Class)

1st place: Giorgia Foroni (Italy)
Residence: Verona, Veneto, Italy.

2nd place: Marina Zvanchuka (Latvia)
Residence: Riga, Latvia.

3rd place: Stéphanie Hebert (France)
Residence: Courchelettes, Douai Sud-Ouest, France.

Overall Fitness Champion: Piia Pajunen.

Pro Fitness Class

1st place: Oksana Grishina (Russia)
Residence: Los Angeles, California, USA.

2nd place: Regiane Da Silva (Brazil)
Residence: Gudensberg, Hesse, Germany.

3rd place: Tanji Johnson (United States Of America)
Residence: Renton, Washington D.C, USA.

Note: The 3 athletes have repeated the result of Ms. Olympia 2014 in this order.



Congratulations to all athletes that participated in this important tournament, and as always their dedication and devotion are recognized for all fans that enjoyed of this moment. Each new championship is harder than ever and is time to give them all our affection and respect because they make difference everyday and they are our main engine to continue with all our enthusiasm and determination. Congratulations again for all of them.

Special mention to next competitors: Federica Ortu from Italy, Cristina Goy Arellano from Spain, Oksana Grishina from Russia and Marta Aguiar from Uruguay because they are the best athletes in their respective categories and they are an excepcional example of inspiration, overcoming, discipline, determination, commitment and respect because they always put their effort to the maximum in order to reach the total glory. Congratulations again for all of them.

That's all for this contest and remember that Female Muscle is a great passion that deserbes to be followed so close. Any idea, comment or suggestions you can write to the next e-mail address: femalemusclefanforever@gmail.com. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 2014

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. Another year is about to end and this is the signal in which a book chapter is finished and as the saying goes, the final of a thing is the start of another and nothing else. 2014 is a year in which we had many satisfactions and all of this couldn't be possible without your preference in this fascinating subject: Female Muscle. These sensational women are always an engine for each one of life aspects and our admiration and respect is always with a lot of strenght and determination. Congratulations for all of them in their tournaments and their daily life actions.

For this reason, all FMU whole staff wants to wish you the best of the best for another year in which you checked all information related wth this passion that deserves to be followed so close. Another year, another chapter.

On behalf of all FMU Staff we want to wish you Merry Christmas and a great new year.

On the next year we have a commitment with you and with all our Steel Goddesses to overcome the things made in the past and you can be sure that this passion will never die and our triumph desires will be stronger than negative thoughts. Each 365 days' lapse is a reason to make new things and this site is prepared to offer new ideas and more Steel Passion for our admirers of Female Strenght. See you next time and Happy Holidays.