lunes, 21 de mayo de 2018

Net Neutrality 7

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. This article is written with the most recent information about defense for Internet as we know it and now we have more details to respect.

After the last two movements like Businesses for Net Neutrality and Red Alert for Internet (last Monday it was a protest in all City Halls around the USA), the progressive senators with a Democrat majority applied a political maneuver called Discharge Petition, with it the political defense of Internet achieved the reunion for Senate in Wednesday for discussing the subject, all that with the support of all NGO (No Goverment Organizations) and consumers like us for taking back the grim decision of destroying Net Neutrality. The architect of this nasty plan was Ajit “Faggot” Pai, the former corporative Verizon lawyer, who thought that with his plot his former company would be benefited with a brutal censorship in which Verizon, AT&T, Spectrum and Comcast would control all we watch and visit online, but progressive associations and consumers like us we said no so fast, because we won’t die before fighting for our right to a valious Media like Internet.

From December of 2017 the team Internet prepared a counterattack in which the Senate vote would be determinant, in this part appears the One More Vote movement, this plan could obtain the necessary votes from Democrat party that supported Net Neutrality from the start and their votes were 48, later the independent Senator Angus King from Maine gave his vote and 49 votes were possible, now the fight would be try to find in Republican Senators’ party more allies for this cause. Republican Party in its majority supported to evil oligarchs with this ugly measure, but Susan Collins from Maine thought Internet is a Media in which the democracy has reached a new level of making contact with people and its needs, so she gave her vote and the number grew to 50.

50 votes were assured but it was necessary to achieve another Congress member with the last vote, 51 to be exact. The fight was not so easy, and from February to April, it was a time lapse of 2 months for obtaining the last vote from another Republican Senator.

The progressive pages like Daily Kos, Open Media, Demanding Progress and the union of small businesses owners and consumers like us organized protest marchs and boycotts against the greedy companies Verizon, Spectrum, Comcast and AT&T. Such movements worked very well and it were the proof that organized citizens can make a bigger difference. They fought with drawn sword and they knew every movement was the difference between victory and defeat.

Back to political sight, 6 Republican Senators were undecided with this subject, and the best way to pressure them was with phone calls, leaving messages in their Facebook and Twitter profiles and visiting their City Hall office. The undecided Senators were Lisa Murkowski, John Kennedy, Orrin Hatch, Rob Portman, Cory Gardner and John McCain. From all of them, Kennedy from Louisiana was the best man for Vote 51, but immediately the lobbies of Team Cable began to pursue him to corrupt his vote. The remaining Senate members were the last hope for this fight in order to defend Net Neutrality.

After the last strategies like Businesses for Net Neutrality and Red Alert, some relevant facts gave a powerful turn of events. Ajit Pai was being investigated for some monopoly practices in order to approve the Sinclair Broadcasting group merger with Time Warner as well as the discovery of bots and fake users that tried to misinform through social networks about this subject. AT&T was discovered in some mysterious reunions with Michael Cohen, one of lawyers at service of the biggest bully on Earth, Donald “Shithole” Trump. Cohen received a payment of $600,000 dollars for being a key ally to influence in several decisions like Net Neutrality. Later, John McCain was unable to vote due to his health troubles, so the fight was being inclined to Team Internet.

The D Day arrived, Wednesday 16th was crucial because the discharge petition did the job to force the vote for Net Neutrality, and the tide turned into Team Internet favor because 2 more votes from Republican Senators appeared at the most critical moment. The Senators were Lisa Murkowski and John Kennedy, who gave the fatal blow to FCC anti Internet measure, such nasty plan would take effect in June 11th, but with Senate Vote in favor to Net Neutrality the evil plot fell defeated and buried. Yes it is, the victory is ours at last, after hard months of fights and negotiations.

Today, we are pleased to communicate that Net Neutrality has been saved and with this result, democracy has reached one more victory against oligarchs who want to impose their dark laws above people’s will.

Now the Senate has restored Net Neutrality, the fight will be more intense because the next stage will be the House of Representatives, and this is the moment of keep maintaining the guard in up. Most of Representatives are seeking the re-election inside this administration and this is the perfect chance to leave them a clear and powerful message: if you want our votes, please work for us, no for oligarch donors and lobbies army. As a British song says: they don’t speak for us.

Today we can celebrate this triumph, but we need to stay alert in order to destroy the next dirty plays of evil oligarchs who are very upset and furious, but now they know we are ready to fight with all our strenght to end with injustice and corruption acts.

That’s all for this article and we want to thank to all Team Internet members that are progressive senators, representatives, ngos and citizens like us for defend one of the most influential communication media as Internet is. And of course the union makes the strenght. Female Muscle Universe supported the defense of open Internet since the beginning and now is time to keep our alert on fire, whereas we are celebrating this important victory for Internet. See you next time with our favorite subject: Female Athletes.

jueves, 10 de mayo de 2018

Net Neutrality 6

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. Thanks again for attending to our protest in defense of Internet as we know it. Thanks to your pressure, the fight will be going to a new date, May 14th. In this time lapse, our efforts must be always with guard up to attack and defend at the same time. Now these are the new details.

Thanks to the union of many sites like Demand Progress, Open Media, Daily Kos and other pages, and of course thanks to your activism, the Net Neutrality has been defended with drawn sword. Now this is the most critical phase, because is time to keep our pressure against greedy companies like Verizon, Spectrum, Comcast and AT&T throughout a boycott to their products and making marchs to their stores for make them feel the well informed consumer power. And at the same time, is time to fight against evil lawmakers because there are still 5 undecided senators that can be the difference for One More Vote. The senators are Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), John McCain (Arizona), Rob Portman (Ohio), Cory Gardner (Colorado) and Orrin Hatch (Utah).

Now is time to show the pages in which you can join to support the cause through donations and other actions.

Open Media:

Don’t Tread On The Net:

Demand Progress:

Businesses for Net Neutrality (if you have your own business, this is the site for you):

Battle For The Net:

And prepare for going to event marchs near of your homes because in May 14th the war for an open Internet will enter to the most dangerous phase because the Congress will vote with respect to this subject.

Don´t forget to share these sites in your social networks for informing to your family, friends and neighborgs for Net Neutrality defense. And that´s all for this article, but you must be aware that Internet opened a world of possibilities for us and is up to us mantain this fundamental right. We in FMU believe that an open Internet is a true media democracy and is our deed to fight along withother pages to save Net Neutrality and defeat once for all to evil oligarchs who want to destroy the one weapon we have to combat them. Good luck for all of you and let's fight for right cause and the right side of the story.

Net Neutrality 3

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. The fight for saving our Internet is far away of over, so let’s keep our efforts together in order to defeat evil oligarchs and their political allies like Ajit “Fagot” Pai and Donald “Shithole” Trump.

One part of the movement is making a boycott against brands like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T, against all their products and making marchs around their stores.

At political side, there are 5 senators that are undecided in this subject and they are located in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Ohio. Coming up next we going to mention their names and you can locate them through their Facebook and Twitter profiles:

Lisa Murkowski from Alaska

John McCain from Arizona

Rob Portman from Ohio

Cory Gardner from Colorado

Orrin Hatch from Utah

Unfortunately, John Kennedy from Louisiana was corrupted by big lobbies and he’s not anymore a possibility of achieving the 51th vote we need for send back the horrendous law over Net Neutrality, but 5 possibilities are in the road and is important to keep your pressure through their FB and Twitter accounts, as well as phone calls you can make through their official websites.

Coming up next there is an image in which Net Neutrality is clearly explained for any user that doesn’t know about the subject, and for confirming the info for expert people on the subject.

Now you know how Internet works with Net Neutrality, you must fight against evil oligarchs to protect it and avoid the censorship and the imposition of extra fees to Internet providers that attacks directly your wallet.

And now these are sites in which you can sign and even support with donations the cause for saving our Internet we love.

Open Media: 

Don’t Tread On The Net:

Demand Progress:

Remember, Net Neutrality is beyond of watching our favorite videos in YouTube and Netflix, besides the previous sites, Net Neutrality makes possible the visit of blogs, social networks, innovation in businesses and sharing photos, music and videos, even the activism has reached new levels for taking their message to all people in several causes. And evil oligarchs know about it, because their dark agenda have been exposed to public opinion and it has been a great advance for us because we can destroy their evil plans, and making a better world for future.

So you already know it guys, let’s keep fighting for protecting our Internet we love, and we keep forward to Internet can be the space of opportunities and the next level for a democratic process like we never seen before.

lunes, 7 de mayo de 2018

Net Neutrality 5

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. The fight for saving the freedom in Internet is near. May 9th is the fateful date in which our efforts for achieving just one more vote will be the difference between saving our Internet or not. Now the ball is on our field side and we need to pressure stronger than never.

In May 2nd, all small businesses owners did their part in joining forces against greedy companies who want to take away the cake for themselves. Net Neutrality has made possible a competition in the same circumstances for all businesses, no matter if they are barely starting or if they are big companies with something of time in the market. And if you want to keep this opening for all kind of jobs, you must defend this main principle with all their passion, dedication and commitment for everyone’s sake.

If you have your own business, you can participate through this link:

The strategy is keep pressuring all their lawmakers and boycotting the greedy brands you know who they are (Comcast, Verizon AT&T and Spectrum). And don’t forget to share the sites in your pages or social networks in which you can participate through donations and marchs to the town halls, even in the White House itself to they feel how much the users are ready to say No Way to their dark plans of silencing protests and banning the innovation possibilities of many businesses that Internet made possible.

Now there is another movement in which we can keep our pressure and defense for open Internet, and it is called Red Alert. If you want to take part of it, please visit the next link:

If you click the previous banners, you can go to the website.

Through the previous link, there are some additional tools you can use like avatar images, Facebook and Twitter covers and some more things. And don’t forget to visit this special page:

Now we must prepare for one of the most critical protests we the consumers of an open Internet have faced in the last years. Is important to remember that Internet has a global reach, and all users around the planet we must be together for increasing our non-conformity with this feudal, imperialist and dictatorial measure planned by few companies and corrupt politicians that are threatened because Internet has exposed many of their dark plans to sow injustice acts. Now we must fight to revert this evil action for everyone’s sake and for a free an open media for the people and its future generations. That’s all for now and keep together all the organized strenght we have as people and as a well informed consumer.