lunes, 10 de junio de 2019

Net Neutrality 21

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. Now there are more facts in which everything related with Net Neutrality will have more importance. So these are the new data we want to give you for this subject.

Fight for the Future is one of the sites that are the head of resistance in support of the Internet we love. And next Tuesday, this site will organice a special event that will be a livestream in which many people that are celebrities in Internet, users with businesses no matter if they are small or big enterprises, and many experts related with Communicate tion and Internet subjects.

In next Tuesday, Democrat Senator Ed Markey will try to cast a vote in order to destroy the evil rules approved for Ajit “fagot” Pai. Markey, along with many pro Internet champions are ready to make their pressure for approving the Save Internet Act, but as you know, Mitch “grim reaper” McConnell and his Republican allies are ready to obstruct this effort of avoiding censorship and evil agendas from oligarchs like AT&T, Verizon and now you must add the names of Sprint and T-Mobile as part of Team Cable. Now the fight will be harder than never.

And here is where the livestream will enter. Many users and celebrities and entrepreneurs that believe in a free Internet with a responsible flow of information will be there to make more pressure and demonstrating that we the users have the power, no evil political guys and evil oligarchs.

Here’s the page in which you will have all the details for this historical event in which our power as consumers will be facing the dark side of oligarchs and we are ready to strike back their awful measures:

Now you must be ready because Tuesday will be another key day, our D-Day because we need to show our love and support to our Internet, and we are prepared to show how our power as informed users has allow to us to help to our political allies and together we’ll be unstoppable. That’s all for this article and you know we need to stay alert because our Internet must be defended at any cost. And don’t forget to pressure the intimate enemies we have exposed in previous article. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

lunes, 3 de junio de 2019

Net Neutrality 20

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. Now we have more information in which is clear one thing: our fight for protecting our Internet is going to be harder than never and these are the most recent facts about this subject.

As you can remember, the representatives office has approved the new act in which our Internet would be restored. In this point, we are agree about this movement has achieved a big step in defense of our rights. But now we have 2 big threats we have to fight in this new phase.

The first menace is Senate, this office is controlled by Republicans, being Mitch McConnell the toughest guy to defeat. McConnell is receiving a lot of dark money of oligarchs, and we need to be strong and solid in order to take down to this evil man who is watching for dark interests instead of watching for common wellbeing.

The second menace is Kyrsten Sinema, who has made team with Roger Wicker. They are receiving more dark money in order to destroy the movement in which our Internet would be protected. And the movie doesn’t end here, now we are going to explain a new danger that comes of this bad alliance.

According with, Fight for the Future has gotten a letter with filtered information about a group of betrayers who are being corrupted by oligarchs. This group is headed by Josh Gottheimer from New Jersey and Scott Peters from California. And in this page, there are many names of many senators that are being tempted by oligarchs in order to betray the cause and destroying our right of a free and responsible flow of information.

These are the list of the democrats that are in the verge of being corrupted by evil oligarchs. Let's show them we have the power, not them!

In, you will read the complete information about the lists we have published and is time to counterattack the intimate enemies.

Don’t forget to visit the sites that you know for keep contributing with your donations because this fight is far from over.

That’s all the information we have so far, and we need to stay alert because this fight has reached complicated heights, any new data you will know in our page. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.