jueves, 12 de enero de 2017

Female Muscle Universe 9th Anniversary

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. A day of January 13th of 9 years ago, Female Muscle Universe was born and now we are so proud of this great occurrence. Now in this year we are ready to keep strong our commitment of supporting all FBB and other athletes of this discipline called Bodybuilding. This site is here because of you, Female Muscle Admirers, and we are working with all our heart and soul for giving to you the best content you deserve in order to enjoy the Female Athletes and their best achievements.

In order to improve every time our job, is important to review the past activity because who always is keep in mind their past achievements, will have the tool works and the attitude of making better things in present and future times. So let's begin with our count of facts.

FMU File (All site activity in 2016)

1.- SAFFC South American Championship 2016: First tournament covered by the site in Cuenca, Ecuador.

2.- IBFF Argentinian Tournament 2016: Second tournament covered by the site, and the first in Rosario, Saint Faith, Argentina.

Besides of these tournaments, we gave the start of a new section called Training With... in which many Female Athletes will share with us their best training routines for a better physique conditioning, and hints of each one of them. And one of your favorite sections, Musculator Girl Profiles had amazing interviews with Milcia Pérez from Panama and Alicia Alfaro and Mara Fabiana Compañone from Argentina. And now in this new year, we are prepared for giving to you more surprises with the main objective of going forward and improving our proposal of always being focused in the FBB with the maximum affection and respect for all of them, and of course with you our fans. 9 years are said so easy, but the main challenge is keep all your preference, and we want to thank to all our followers for always being clicking our articles for reading from the start to the ending. Thank you to you Female Muscle Fans, this journey of 9 years of experience will going on with a lot of high octane adrenaline, and this passion that deserves to be followed so close will burn with more strenght than never. See you next time, and we hope your preference keep stronger with us. And don't forget to write to contact mail femalemusclefanforever@gmail.com for any idea, comments, suggestions and congratulations messages.

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