martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

IFBB New York Pro Show 2009

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. NY City will vibrate with all the emotion and adrenaline of the female muscle. The NY Pro Show will have more available tickets for the long and winding road to the Olympia for the Pro Bodybuilders. The skyscrapers city will have the honor to receive the high octane of the muscle women showing their best physique forms for achieve the victory.

This weekend (Saturday 16th to be exact), is the date and all the Female Muscle Fans will have an incredible contest with the best of the best in the Female Bodybuilding. The New York City will be taken by assault for all the admirers of these sculptural gladiators.

IFBB New York Pro Show Details

Event: IFBB New York Pro Show 2009

Date: May 16th

Semifinals Hour: 11:00 am

Finals Hour: 18:00 pm

Place: Tribecca Performing Art

Location: 199 Chambers Street

State: New York. USA.

Info and Reservation: 516-933-1111

Price: $45 to $60

For more information about the competition you can check the next links:

Note: The two last links are in Spanish language, so for the Latin American Users will be a big chance to learn about the competition.

This is a great competition with the best Pro Bodybuilders in search of the Olympia Ticket, and therefore the event promises enough. So keep an eye to this contest because the female muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close. See you soon Female Muscle Fans.

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