martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008

NPC Nationals 2008

Hello again Female Muscle Fans. The NPC has reached the max competition in this organization, the Nationals. All the best female athletes have fought for arrive to the best competition and therefore, win the Pro Card required for the Pro events like the Olympia, by instance. The city chosen for the competition is Atlanta, located in the Georgia State. Georgia got a competitive sports tradition and the proof are the Atlanta Falcons (NFL), Atlanta Hawks (NBA), Atlanta Braves (MLB), Atlanta Thrashers (NHL), etc. Atlanta will have many muscle goddesses that will arrive with the best physique forms, and the determination in order to advance a step more near the Pro Competitions, and the NPC has seen many potential athletes that they have become until today stars of the professionalism.

The contest place is the Grand Ballromm Hyatt Regency Atlanta, located in the 265 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta GA 30303. The days are november 21 and 22, so get prepared for the most exciting female muscle weekend with high adrenaline and octane doses.
The categories are the next.


Up to 115 lbs

Middleweight: 115 lbs up to 125 lbs
Light-Heavyweight: 125 lbs up to 140 lbs
Over 140 lbs

Figure 6 Classes (A-F)

Up to 5' 1''

5' 1'' up to 5' 2-1/2''
5' 2-1/2'' up to 5' 4''

5' 4'' up to 5' 5-1/2''

5' 5-1/2'' up to 5' 7''

Over 5' 7''

The female muscle fans will be pleased with an outstanding event in which the quality and the best athletic bodies will be present. The NPC is an important organization for the Fitness Movement in the United States and is the cradle for the new talents in the bodybuilding, fitness (not present at this event) and figure classes. For more information about the NPC Nationals, you can see the next website:

The Nationals are getting closer, so keep an eye to this contest because the female muscle is a passion that deserves to be followed so close. See you soon Female Muscle Fans.

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