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In Memoriam: Roseanne Desmarais (1975-2010)

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. One year has passed since her demise. Roseanne Blackburn-Desmarais, a powerful Canadian athlete died in a day like today, after she had suffered a car accident. She was one of the best muscular women of her country and is hard to believe that she is resting in peace. Talking about her is to remember a girl with an incredible passion for sports. Today a year away, is necessary to make a homeage to somebody who gave everything for her biggest dedication. Here is her semblance.

Name: Roseanne Desmarais
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 35 years old
Date of Birth: June 4, 1975
City: Kamloops
Province: British Columbia

Contest History

2009 Canadian Championships - CBBF, LightWeight, 8th
2008 North American Bodybuilding Championships - 4th Middleweight
2008 Canadian Championships - CBBF, MiddleWeight, 3rd
2007 BC Provincials - 1st middleweight
2006 Emerald Cup - NPC, LightWeight, 3rd, Figure C, 15th
2006 BC Provincials – 3rd Lightweight
2006 Western Canadians – 1st Middleweight
2005 BC Provincials – 1st middleweight
2004 Canadian Championships - CBBF, MiddleWeight, 8th
2004 BC Provincials – 1st middleweight
2003 BC Provincials – 3rd middleweight
2003 WNSO – 5th (fitness short class)
2002 Body Rush Classics – 2nd middleweight
2002 WNSO – 3rd in middleweight
2002 ANBC West Coast Naturals – 2nd in couples, and 5th in short class

Other Competitions
2002 Bench press competition –2nd with a 145 pound bench press ( LOL.. can now do 195 for 2 reps!!! LOL)
2003 Bench press competition –1st with a 155 pound bench press ( LOL.. can now do 195 for 2 reps!!! LOL and do 155 for 3 sets of 12!!!)
Boxing (amateur) 10 fights: 6 wins, 4 loses, and 3 wins by KO
Toughman (boxing) 2004. won by a 2nd round KO! (Nov/04)
Toughman (boxing) 2006. 1st place. (3 wins, 2 KO)
Toughman (boxing) Oct 13/2007. won by KO in 15 seconds.
NFC II (MMA)– (0-1) loss to Lisa Ward (3 –3 min rounds) (Feb 18/04)
Wrestling – 6 gold, 1 silver. (2007 Western Canadians 1st)(2008-2nd)

She was born in a small town in British Columbia, raising pigs and chickens, and she gave many signals of her athletic background with boxing practices, and when she was growing, she had been a tomboy, due to her lack of female clothes and her rude attitude. Later, in 1995 she had begun her journey as a boxer woman, with Wayne Henderson as her trainer. She had her first bodybuilding contest in 2002 and since then she get hooked with this sport. After she met Dave Palumbo in Olympia 2006, she had trained very hard to improve her physique form. Little by little, she won an impressive reputation as one of the best Canadian female athletes and she had a good level to compete in the best Canadian stages in order to get a Pro Card and enter to the most defying competitions. Unfortunately, all her dreams were broken when suddenly she died in a car crash, she was the driver of a 2008 Pontiac car. All her legacy will be remembered for all her fans, friends and family.

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Roseanne Blackburn-Desmarais, one of the sexiest inspiring muses of Female Muscle, will be remembered for her athletic quality and her good deal for all people who could connivanced with her. All fans, family and friends will never forgive you. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

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