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Musculator Girl Profiles: Recapitulation

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. In this time we are celebrating one of the most important events in this page dedicated to Steel Goddesses, and is one of the most visited sections for all users like you, who have contributed with this great headland, we are talking about Musculator Girls Profiles. As you can remember, this section displays several interviews with athletes no matter if they are beginners or experienced ones. The main objective is to show the human side of our gladiators because while its true that highlight the career achievements, it's also undeniable that them have a life as anyone of us and almost nobody has the chance to know how are they when tournaments aren't on the road. In the same way, it wants to help with some promotion to all athletes in order to win more notoriety inside this discipline. That's why 5 years away, we are going to make a recapitulation about the achieved journalistic talks in this time lapse, so let's begin with this analysis.

As you know, Musculator Girl Profiles brings a deep focus about our Steel Gladiators, because this segment shows several interviews with these powerful women and all their sport triumphs will be highlighted along with their human side because each competitor has a story and a life as all human beings. Each one of them has an interesting story to tell because they had a different way to begin the journey that made possible their arrive to this amazing world. In this biographic profile, we can know more about their dreams and purposes and at the same time we can analyse their deepest values as people. The main reason of this section is to know them outside the stage and learn about their human quality because this sport offers many points of view and every athlete has different perspectives for all tournaments. Besides, each one of them has a particular philosophy according to their life values.

Along the years we have achieved several of these journalistic chats with some competitors of every class (Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure or Bodyfitness, etc) with many revealing answers that allow to us a better understanding of their great competitive spirits. Coming up next, we will mention all athletes and we will show their best photos with some interesting data of them, so let's begin with the recap.

Featured Athletes

1.- Ana Claudia Macedo Pires: First Brazilian Athlete in appearing inside FMU. She won 11 times the tournaments in Rio de Janeiro, 6 times Brazilian Champion and 2 victories in South American competitions, 7th at World Amateur Contest, all of them under IFBB's auspices. 5th place at Arnold Classic Brazil 2013 in Rio de Janeiro and 6th position at Arnold Classic Europe Amateur 2013 in Madrid, Spain. Her class is Bodybuilding Heavyweight, she's got a combative spirit and a sensational magic in her poses due to her Brazilian flavor. She's a powerful amazon since at the age of 14 and she enjoys to train so hard with all her soul. In brief, sports is her whole life.

2.- Andrea Ruiz: First Chilean Athlete in appearing inside FMU. She's a bodybuilder with a lot of strenght and determination. She's won all tournaments of her nation in Heavyweight Class and she's an expert on Muay Thai, Full Contact, Karate, Kung Fu, Kick Boxing and Boxing. And she knows all 4 Swimming styles.

3.- Joy Acree: First athlete from the United States in appearing inside FMU. She competes in Figure Class and she is a woman with an unbreakable spirit that allows her to overcome any kind of obstacles. And she is against use of steroids in her discipline, for that is a great example of admiration and respect for many fans who prefer a clean competition along with high performance athletes that don't use that kind of substances. A powerful woman with a different focus on sports world.

4.- Laura Carrara: First Uruguayan athlete in appearing inside FMU. She's the possessor of a stunning physique that is mixed with elegance, beauty and sensuality. She has with a class that makes her look like a great professional in fitness modeling and her combative spirit has led her to some heights that have made her successful in what she sets. And she is also a martial arts practitioner through the MMA fight. 3 times national champion and 2 subchampionships in Bodybuilding endorse her sporting career and is a great example of inspiration in all lines.

To all female athletes who have agreed to be interviewed we want to thank with the soul that have trusted us to undertake this journalism in order to exalt the sporting achievements that have put up the name of their respective countries and at the same time they are overcoming many obstacles in their personal lives. Female athletes deserve all our admiration and respect because they do the same effort as male competitors and in a world in which paradigms are everytime destroyed by new schemes, all people must take a high level of consciousness with respect of equality in all aspects. This site is dedicated for all of you and one more time, thank you very much for all the received support.

This space is open for all competitors who want to be part of it, no matter if you are novice or experienced athletes, and if you want to appear here, you can write to the next e-mail address: femalemusclefanforever@gmail.com. Female Muscle is a passion that deserves to be followed so close and you are the main reason for this site, as well as your admirers and we hope our visitors have enjoyed this homage dedicated to these powerful Steel Goddesses. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

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