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SAFFC South American Championship 2016 Results

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. The SAFFC South American Championship 2016 already has its winners. In this time we are going to mention the first 3 places of the tournament, so let's begin with the results.

South American Championship 2016

Bodyfitness Junior Class (Up to 23 years old)

1st place: Gabriela Marques Cadeo (Brazil)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: Johana Quintanilla Luzuriaga (Ecuador)
Residence: Quito, Ecuador.

3rd place: María Bermúdez (Venezuela)
Residence: Unknown.

Bodyfitness Senior (Up to 1.58 mts Class)

1st place: Olga Celeste Mendoza Salazar (Venezuela)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: Daisy Kuischmann (Colombia)
Residence: Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia.

3rd place: Cintya María del Pilar Soto Sequeiros (Peru)
Residence: Cuzco, Peru.

Bodyfitness Senior (Up to 1.63 mts)

1st place: Lorena Luciani (Argentina)
Residence: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2nd place: Ingrid Cristina Dos Santos Marcato (Brazil)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Andrea Chávez (Colombia)
Residence: Unknown.

Bodyfitness Senior (Up to 1.68 mts)

1st place: Karent Pérez (Venezuela)
Residence: Barinas, Venezuela.

2nd place: Maritza Elizabeth Ortiz Aguilar (Ecuador)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Cláudia Manzini de Oliveira Santos (Brazil)
Residence: Unknown.

Bodyfitness Senior (Over 1.68 mts)

1st place: Marina Danei (Argentina)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: Wendy Disbeth Granados Álvarez (Venezuela)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Wanessa Kelly Camilo de Oliveira (Brazil)
Residence: Unknown.

Bodyfitness Master (Over 35 years old and Up to 1.63 mts)

1st place: Valeria Delgado (Argentina)
Residence: Salta City, Salta Province, Argentina.

2nd place: Tibis Araque (Venezuela)
Residence: Caracas, Venezuela.

3rd place: Edna Alessandra Piu (Brazil)
Residence: Unknown.

Bodyfitness Master (Over 35 years old and Over 1.63 mts)

1st place: Alejandra Echenique (Argentina)
Residence: Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

2nd place: Josefina González (Venezuela)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Elizabeth Olivia Ulloa Lazo (Chile)
Residence: Santiago of Chile, Chile.

Bodyfitness Masters 2 (Over 45 years old)

1st place: Jasmine Ramírez (Venezuela)
Residence: Caracas, Venezuela.

2nd place: Liliana Bosini (Argentina)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Deysi Araceli Peñafiel Espín (Ecuador)
Residence: Unknown.

Overall Bodyfitness Champion: Lorena Luciani.

Bikini Fitness Junior (Up to 23 years old and 1.63 mts)

1st place: Ross Remolina (Venezuela)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: Maryuri Lizeth Inca Bonilla (Ecuador)
Residence: Quito, Ecuador.

Bikini Fitness Junior (Up to 23 years old and Over 1.63 mts)

1st place: Vania Fernanda Orihuela Sandoval (Peru)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: Karina Kennedy Giménez (Paraguay)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Aymeth Rodríguez Lainette (Venezuela)
Residence: Bolívar, Bolívar, Venezuela.

Bikini Fitness Senior (1.60 mts Class)

1st place: Denisse Michelle Touriz Mero (Ecuador)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: Gabriela Márquez (Venezuela)
Residence: Caracas, Venezuela.

3rd place: Magdalena Vázquez Argüello (Paraguay)
Residence: Asunción, Paraguay.

Bikini Fitness Senior (1.63 mts Class)

1st place: Kim Caroline Gutiérrez Kuruz (Chile)
Residence: Santiago of Chile, Chile.

2nd place: Giannina Luján Ripoll Acevedo (Peru)
Residence: Lima, Peru.

3rd place: Naiara Schubert (Brazil)
Residence: Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Bikini Fitness Senior (1.66 mts Class)

1st place: Susana Aramayo (Argentina)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: Olga Lebedeva (Peru)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Barbara Nalleska Velarde Brandt (Chile)
Residence: Unknown.

Bikini Fitness Senior (1.69 mts Class)

1st place: Elisa Valentim Pecini (Brazil)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: Luciana Corzo (Argentina)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Lilian Lizandra López Dure (Paraguay)
Residence: Asunción, Paraguay.

Bikini Fitness Senior (1.72 mts Class)

1st place: Rafaela Maritza Cornejo Díaz (Ecuador)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: Natalia Anahí Castro (Argentina)
Residence: Necochea, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

3rd place: Etila Santiago Santos (Brazil)
Residence: Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.

Bikini Fitness Senior (Over 1.72 mts)

1st place: Yohana María Belén Benítez (Paraguay)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: Leticia Mota Oliveira (Brazil)
Residence: Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

3rd place: Pamela Gómez (Argentina)
Residence: Unknown.

Bikini Fitness Master (Over 30 years old)

1st place: Yenirfer Zerpa (Venezuela)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: Sady Margarita Ayala Buena (Paraguay)
Residence: Asunción, Paraguay.

3rd place: Analía Quadri (Argentina)
Residence: Sea of Tuyu, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

Bikini Fitness Master (Over 35 years old)

1st place: Daniela Bonfantti (Brazil)
Residence: Palmeira das Missões, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

2nd place: Marbelis Ballestas (Colombia)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Cindy Karina Vega Orlandini (Paraguay)
Residence: Asunción, Paraguay.

Overall Bikini Fitness Champion: Kim Caroline Gutiérrez Kuruz.

Bodybuilding (Unique Class)

1st place: Nidia Hermosilla Ocampos (Paraguay)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: Danny Herrera (Venezuela)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Marcela Rosa Venegas Morales (Chile)
Residence: Unknown.

Physique (1.63 mts)

1st place: Michelly Moura Matos (Brazil)
Residence: Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, Brazil.

2nd place: Adriana Bernal (Colombia)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Cristina Edith Sevilla (Ecuador)
Residence: Unknown.

Physique (Over 1.63 mts)

1st place: Suely Elenice Torres (Paraguay)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: Mayelin González (Venezuela)
Residence: Ocumare del Tuy, Miranda, Venezuela.

3rd place: Lía Isabel Cabello Munhos (Chile)
Residence: Santiago de Chile, Chile.

Overall Physique Champion: Michelly Moura Matos.

Childhood Choreographic Fitness (Girls from 12 to 14 years old)

1st place: María Vielma (Venezuela)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: Milena Olaya Flor (Ecuador)
Residence: Unknown.

Junior Choreographic Fitness (Up to 23 years old)

1st place: Paola Rodríguez (Venezuela)
Residence: Unknown.

Senior Choreographic Fitness (1.57 mts)

1st place: Karina Medici (Argentina)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: Frany Durán (Venezuela)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Priscila García (Venezuela)
Residence: Unknown.

Wellness Fitness (1.63 mts)

1st place: Marggory Botero (Venezuela)
Residence: Unknown.

2nd place: María Fabiola Martínez (Paraguay)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Andrea Cisneros (Argentina)
Residence: Unknown.

Wellness Fitness (Over 1.63 mts)

1st place: Angela Lessa Borges (Brazil)
Residence: Rio Do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

2nd place: Julianne Kely Fernández Jardim (Chile)
Residence: Unknown.

3rd place: Laura Victoria Alvarado (Colombia)
Residence: Bogotá, Colombia.

Wellness Fitness Overall Champion: Angela Lessa Borges.

Congratulations for all competitors. One more time, they have shown their amazing quality on stage. On South Side of American continent, there are powerful and beautiful Female Athletes with a sensational talent and determination for competing against other sports women of countries like USA, Spain, Canada, among others. They, at the same way as women of other countries, are facing challenges in their personal lives, and they are gathering a lot of inner strenght for fulfilling all of their duties, and they have a lot of overcoming and triumph desires for all aspects. One more time, we want to recognize their effort and attitude for being the fabulous women they are. Congratulations again for all of them.

That's all for this championship and remember that Female Muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close. Any idea, comment or suggestion you can write to the next e-mail address: femalemusclefanforever@gmail.com. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

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