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The woman in the sport world. Part 1.

At the present time, the women has won an important position in the sports world. Before one thought that the men were the unique ones who could practice sports, but the feminine presence has demonstrated that also there is opportunity to excel in this competitive field.
The feminine athletes have been able to represent their countries in diverse competitions like the Olympic Games, world-wide championships, etc.
One of the most remembered female athletes has been the Rumanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci.
Nadia Elena Comaneci (November 12 of 1961) is an ex- Rumanian gymnast, (at the moment with double Rumanian nationality - American), winner of 5 Olympic medals, was first in obtaining the perfect score, 10, in an Olympic competition. One of the greatest athletes of century XX is considered and it is by own right between the best gymnasts of all the times.
To the fourteen years of age it was the star of the Olympic Games of Montreal. The Rumanian is the first gymnast who managed to take to the judges the perfect score, 10, in Olympic Games - before Montreal already she had received it 19 times, and in addition she would repeat six times more -. She gained three gold medals: individual general, asymmetric bar of balance and parallel bars, one of silver: general by equipment and one of bronze in ground exercises. Like peculiar data, when the qualifications announced in the electrical board, he appeared "1.0", since the system counted only on space for a whole number and a decimal. From return to house their countrymen received it in loor of multitudes and their successes made creditor of the recognition of "Socialist Hero of the Work", being the person younger than never it has received that award.

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Nadia Comaneci's info: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nadia_Comaneci

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