viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2008

Ms Olympia 2008

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. The most exciting contest has arrived. The Ms Olympia 2008 reunites the most powerful female athletes that have reached their qualify in another Pro Contests. The 3 categories (Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure) is open because there are not subcategories like in another contests. The Olympia got all the ingredients for generate the most frenetic passions and the most extroverted controversy.

The stage is the Orleans Hotel, located in the game city: Las Vegas, Nevada. The address is 4500 W. Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89103. Like in the USA's 2008, the casinos and the Olympia together can create an explosive combination for the Female Muscle Fans.

The contest will be in Spetember 25-28. The table is ready for meet the new champions or see the title defense for the winners in previous editions. Anything can happen in this event so keep an eye to this event because no one knows what's gonna happen. For more information, you can see this link:

As in previous occasions, the female muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close. See you soon Female Muscle Fans.