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Female Muscle Curiosities: Videogames Part 3

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. Welcome to another edition of your section Female Muscle Curiosities in which our Steel Goddesses are analized inside other fields like movies, songs, videogames and other artistic expressions outside of sports competition. And we hope you have enjoyed the previous article in which Dominique from Double Dragon 5 was the starring with her powerful whip and dirty fighting style attacks. Now is the turn for another videogame in which there is another woman with an impressive physique form that all Female Muscle Fans will admire so much. Let's begin with this new article.

In this time we are going to analize a game that is different from previous posts because this is a racing title whose plot takes place in the distant future, yes it is, we are talking about F-Zero series, created by Nintendo. This saga appeared on 1990, whose first chapter made its debut in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (also known as SNES or Super Nes, in Japanese grounds this game console has the name of Super Famicom) at Novemeber 21th in Japan, whereas in American continent was on August 13th in 1991 and June 4th of 1992 in Europe and therefore, Africa and Oceania. This title surprised to all videogamers with an original proposal and a gameplay with a lot of ability, challenge and easy to understand, besides, the graphics and music were sensational and all circuits had a lot of difficulty, and these ingredients gave it a great success with all gamers and the specialized magazine critics. 4 characters and their respective machines were available and each one with different attributes that allow you to compete in 3 different cups divided in 5 circuits in all of them. These elements brought an unprecedented success that guaranteed a sequel that delayed several years to arrive. In 1998, F-Zero X finally saw the light through Nintendo 64 and waiting period was worth. It was released around the world with a great level of acceptance between all fans with more action, more cups (3 available from the start and the other 2 are hidden) and even more vehicles, but not all machines are unlocked from the start and the challenge is winning all championships to gain access to them. This is the first game of the series in which 3D graphics made an important appearance. The game overcame the previous installment and new fans were added to this great series. In Japan it was released a Kit Expansion in which you could create new circuits and your custom machines. In 2001, F.Zero appears on Game Boy Advance with Maximum Velocity in different dates (March 21st in Japan, June 11th in American continent and June 22nd for Europe, Africa and Oceania) and new machines appeared with many new tracks for more racing hours. And it had good results, but it could be better if previous characters had returned. This is the first experience in portable game console with the possibility for a 4 players game with all unlocked vehicles if users have their own game pack. In 2003, Nintendo in cooperation with Sega developed a new game in which all dedication, discipline and passion would be rewarded by players and game magazines as the best chapter, F-Zero GX for Nintendo Game Cube and F-Zero AX for Arcade, this last one with Triforce Hardware specially designed for this system with a great alliance between Nintendo, Sega and Namco. This installment offered an outstanding gameplay and many more elements like  a well written music for a superb OST, exciting circuits divided in 5 cups (3 of them are open from the beginning, the other 2 are secrets to discover) and more vehicles to choose when you win more tickets to purchase them at the shop and many more surprises. The compatibility between both versions through the GCN Memory Card was very amazing because it allows the information exchange for those games. Later, F-Zero GP Legend appears for Game Boy Advance in 2003 in Japan and for Europe, American continent and other parts of the world in 2004. This is the second portable game of the franchise and it had a good success between all fans basically with all characters from previous installments and with all the exciting racetracks full of dangerous obstacles and many loops and curves. Is important to emphasize that there were some games that only appeared in Japan like BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 for Super Famicom through Satellaview device and F-Zero Climax for Game Boy Advance, the first is the sequel of F-Zero for SNES or Super Famicom and the second is the next chapter for F-Zero GP Legend of Game Boy Advance. The reason for this article is because there is a Muscle Woman in this series. Her name is Mrs. Arrow and you will know everything about this powerful muscle warrior.

Note: This game has 2 timelines, the first is composed from F-Zero (SNES) until F-Zero GX/AX (Nintendo Game Cube and Triforce Arcade), the second timeline is from F-Zero GP Legend to F-Zero Climax for Game Boy Advance, so we will explain both stories in order to make clear several doubts of these details.

Mrs. Arrow

Nationality: Presumably French

Age: 27

Race: Human

Her real name is Monique L'amoreaux, and is possible that she is from French roots. She was born in a wealthy family on Earth. Her father was a powerful businessman in neuroplastics and her mother was vice president of the Milky Way Federation when she was born. She is the only child of the family and she was surrounded by servants and her parents encouraged whatever interested her. She has studied music and linguistics with excellent qualifications and another of her great passions is the F-Zero. In this last subject, she trained in Bodybuilding in order to get a well toned body and she was fascinated with the results, she continued with her training and she achieved an amazing balance between strenght and beauty. Elegant and beautiful, Mrs. Arrow is a woman with a great ability in driving the Queen Meteor.


1st timeline: The F-Zero Grand Prix had another edition in which the most skillful pilots participate to show their biggest dexterities with amazing machines that surpass the sound barrier. All of them want fame, fortune and success in all aspects. In this racing tournament, Monique L'amoreaux used to be an aide-de-camp model and she was a great image to promote this championship, when she doesn't work in this field, she appears as the superheroine known as Mrs. Arrow, a powerful justice maker that strikes to all criminals around the universe. When the Big Accident happened and the F-Zero Grand Prix was temporarily suspended accordingly of it, she decided to combat the crime using her incredible powers and athletic background. She falls in love with Super Arrow, who later would be her husband and both would do a great team in fight for justice. This marriage would have the help of Professor Hollow, who designed their vehicles King and Queen Meteor for competitions. She became in the first former circuit model to compete as a pilot and she entered to the tournament for showing her skills and at the same time to help her husband to trap criminals that watched in the Grand Prix a chance to finance evil plans of conquering the Planet Earth and the whole universe. In this instant they crossed paths with their sworn enemy called Zoda, who would be a stone in shoe for them. When F-Zero Grand Prix finally reappeared after some years of suspension, both heroes were preparing their debut on that tournament, Mrs. Arrow had to train with her husband because he doesn't have good skills on racing, and at the same time, Zoda prepared his lethal machine Death Anchor and his universe domination desires would come to the tournament. Besides the arrows, Captain Falcon is another of the most detestable opponents because he's a bounty hunter and he almost achieves the capture of Zoda. After the victory of Falcon in F-Zero X, Zoda escaped vowing revenge against his enemies, and the arrows would be ready to catch him. When F-Zero GX/AX was held, Captain Falcon appeared as the defending champion and the arrows decided to compete when they learned about Zoda's return. The tournament began and a lot of exciting and dangerous races were developing a series of violent clashes in which good and evil forces were fighting each other. Finally, Zoda is defeated along with other villians like Black Shadow and Deathborn, and F-Zero Grand Prix gains more audience with bold racers. The arrows one more time have succeed and they will be chasing more criminals inside and outside the circuits.

2nd timeline: At 2201 year, a man called Rick Wheeler (Ryu Suzaku in Japan) is revived by Mobile Task Force members Jody Summer and Dr. Stewart after he suffered a terrible accident when he was chasing to Zoda, his archnemesis, that is revived too, in this case is Dark Million Organization who brings him back to life in order to recruit him in their ranks, Black Shadow and Deathborn are the leaders of this criminal band whose main objective is winning the F.Zero Grand Prix to obtain the financial funds and concrete the universe domination plans. Rick joins to Task Force in order to take down Zoda and Dark Million Organization, and he cross paths with Captain Falcon, who is the mysterious justice maker of the adventure. With respect to Mrs. Arrow and her husband, they are two super heroes that participate in Grand Prix in order to catch all criminals inside all competitions. They help to Mobile Task Force to keep peace and order in all planet. After the defeat of Dark Million Mafia in GP Legend, they return for revenge in Climax, but Good Forces finally beat them with all power and F-Zero Grand Prix keeps safe with all racing passion.

Details: Mrs. Arrow is a woman with a powerful physique form and with a good look that can captivate to many men. She is a versatile woman because she's a superheroine, she speaks many languages, she is musician and a great model. And for it's not enough she is a skilled pilot in racing, her vehicle is the Queen Meteor, whose weight is 1140 kg and it has an engine HW305-U2x2 and its number is 21. This machine has a very low resistence to crashes, the boost (turbo) level, as well as the grip to take curves are good, so this machine is perfect for users who are experts on driving this kind of vehicles. Mrs. Arrow appears along with her vehicle as secret character and you need to unlock her in F-Zero X when you are winning several cups and in F-Zero GX you can obtain her if you win several tickets to purchase her at the store and in GP Legend and Climax you need to fulfill some special requirements (you must surpass the max ammount of money with Rick, Falcon, Zoda, Goroh, Lisa and Black Shadow in Story Mode inside GP Legend and you need to win as 1st place overall in Bronze Cup in Novice Class for Climax).  Mrs. Arrow is a great ambassador of fitness and she is so proud to show her muscular mass when she has the perfect chance to do it.


Mrs. Arrow in her first appearance inside F-Zero X for Nintendo 64. She is a secret character and you must unlock her winning several cups in all their difficulties.

She is the pilot of Queen Meteor. This machine has a fragile body, so you must avoid all rival attacks, though this vehicle has good levels of boost and grip for complex circuits. Queen Meteor is for very skillful drivers.

Mrs. Arrow in her second appearance. F-Zero GX/AX had the presence of this athletic and beautiful woman. As always, she is a secret character and you must buy her at the game show in GX with tickets you can win in Grand Prix and Story Modes. In AX you must use the Game Cube Memory Card once you have unlocked her in GX.

Queen Meteor in 3D model. This machine can reach amazing speed levels with a good boost level, as well as the grip to take curves. By the other hand, the vehicle is weak against rival attacks, so is better to not fight with other ships with a high strenght rate. This machine, as well as King Meteor, were builded by Professor Hollow, so is not strange that both share the same status.

This Musculator Woman doesn't lose the chance of showing her well trained physique form. She is being interviewed by Mr. Zero, a TV host for F-Zero channel. He makes questions to all GP winners with amazing answers, even the autographs are well received for all fans.

She is a fantastic woman who knows how to drive the Queen Meteor as the most skillful pilot with a great dexterity level, and even she had to train with her husband Super Arrow, to teach him how to be a competitive driver in order to chase the most dangerous criminals who are participating in Grand Prix to achieve their evil plans.

Look to Mrs. Arrow, in her most recent participation in a Bodybuilding Championship. This powerful woman has shown her athletic side, when she doesn't fight against crime or is competing in F-Zero Grand Prix, she likes to take part in this kind of tournaments in which she is a sensation when she appears on stage.

Mrs. Arrow in her participation in F-Zero GP Legend. The way you can unlock her is surpassing the max ammount of money in Story Mode with Rick, Falcon, Zoda, Goroh, Lisa and Black Shadow. For Climax, with respect to Japanese users the method is winning as overall champion in Bronze Cup (Novice Class). Powerful and beautiful as always, this girl is amazing in all fields.

Now is time to admire this powerful woman with fan drawings. In this image, she is smiling with a lot of satisfaction after a long day with many activities to do. Simply beautiful, even when she's making her agenda.

This is a pencil drawing of another fan art. Mrs. Arrow looks so sensational with this technique in which her silhouette is very well appreciated in every angle of this artistic display. A dream of woman for all Steel Goddesses admirers.

Another pencil drawing with a cartoon style. Due to her appearance in F-Zero TV series, this fan art has a reason of being. And is undeniable that she has a sexy smile and she always has a good mood, no matter the hard circumstances that appear on the road.


Conclusions: Mrs. Arrow is a woman who can fulfill many facets in her life and is the example of the women in these times, because in the present, after the female liberation for their rights many years ago, they have shown their capabilities and they want to achieve many goals in their lives. In particular, Mrs. Arrow is a woman with a strong character and an iron determination. She is a loving wife, and she fights shoulder with shoulder along her husband Super Arrow against crime and she knows how to teach him the necessary abilities to improve his driving dexterity. Besides her talents in other fields, this woman is the ambassador of the Steel Goddesses with a powerful physique form and her beauty. According with the Physique division, she would be a successful competitor, and in other times, she would participate in Bodybuilding Lightweight class. Mrs. Arrow is and will be proudly a Steel Maiden.

That's all for this article and we hope you have enjoyed this new focus with respect to this passion that deserves to be followed so close. Any subject related with Iron Goddessess you can write to the next e-mail address: femalemusclefanforever@gmail.com. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

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