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Milcia Perez

On the extreme Southeast of American continent central part appears Panama, a country that has the next geographical limits, at North goes to Caribbean Sea, at South with Pacific Ocean, at East with Colombia and at West with Costa Rica along with the Pacific Ocean. Panama is the home of ethnic groups as are Ngöbe, Bugle, Guna, Embera, Wounaan, Bribri and Naso. This nation is well known for hosting the channel that allows the free passage of ships on every ocean on the planet, which it has established a mandatory step for businesses and tourism in these parts, besides having vegetation and a very amazing fauna. In sports field, Panama has with very dedicated and outstanding athletes who have been the talk in those duties and Bodybuilding has not been away from the upline. This land has in its ranks one of the most impressive Bodybuilders who have been in this discipline. Her name is Milcia Perez you will know thoroughly to this powerful muscle warrior.

Musculator Girl Profile

Name: Milcia Michelle Perez Garcia

Date of birth: 09-October-1980

Birthplace (City, State and Country): Panama City, Panama

Present Hometown (City, State and Country): Panama

Age: 39

Profession: Professional Commercial Pilot and Military Pilot in that same vehicle.

Years of training: 20 years

Please give us a little introduction of yourself: I Am honest, Friendly, consistent, I love the adrenaline and I like to help the people.

Story: I started in this sport at the age of 20 years. Previously I practiced Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, later my Jiu-Jitsu trainer that nowadays is my weight coach and my husband told me you are strong, why not complement it with weights and I said yes and that started it all. So far I have come come and gone, since I also love aviation that is part of me as is the Bodybuilding, because I think that besides being athletic discipline, also is science. I also was a military pilot, I was in Afghanistan and Iraq wars, transporting goods to several military bases from 2004 to 2012.

Contest History:  since 2000-until 2004/lifting Bench press and squad nationals 1 first Place both and 2003 Bodybuilding contest Copa Centenario 1 First Place.

Training Routine: Am training very basic, I love training old school like dumbells.

Best bodypart: Back...Although being honest, I don’t have a best part, I do that all my body be the best part.

Favorite exercise: Deadlift.

Favorite music: R&B.

Favorite color: Red.

Favorite Quote: Hard Work and dedication.

Favorite bodybuilder (man and woman): Arnold and Kim Chivesky, and in other sports I admire Michael Jordan and Williams Sisters.

Hobbies: I love go to the beach.

A typical day in your life: Woke up at 5 am morning, drive to the school daughter and then go to train after that come back to home and working in my staff in my company. And at the end of the day I’m going to rest.

Sponsors: Since I star this sport no body sponsor me I do to own way through my company called 3MG.

What do you enjoy most about the bodybuilding/fitness lifestyle?

Well I enjoy my chance in my body every day and also enjoy help the people to change the life style. You build your body and in the end you see the fruits of that construction.

What do you enjoy about training for competition?

The result of the effort… the change. Really I enjoy all the process because is part of my life.

Curiosities about yourself: I Am Vegetarian, I’m an extreme person in order, I believe in the Universe energy and I love the chocolate.

What has left in your life the practice of the sport?

Gaining a lot of popularity and good people that wants and loves the effort of all of us the FBB athletes. This is the way I can see how the people love you and the support to all of us.

Which are your most appraised values like athlete and person?

Tenacity, sharing, acceptation, heart of champion. Trust in yourself I think this is the most important value in a athlete.

Which is the difference between the Offseason and On Season in your own words?   For me there is no offseaon phase, I think in this sport always should be in good shape to aspire to be competitive globally. And I think  that there should not have any difference because all time you have to be in a good condition.

Which is the greatest satisfaction in your sport career?

Well I think is can help the people whit my experience on nutrition and training. And saying that I managed to beat my own goals.

The woman in the present world has shown their capacity for take challenges in all society fields and the sport is not the exception. What do you think about the female sport on the future?

I think we have to support this sport for the new girls keep this sport alive.

Website and e-mail contact:

Email: … Facebook: Milcia Perez and Inst: @milciaperez

Do you want to say something else to the Female Muscle Fans, as well as the female amateur athletes?

To Fans I want to ask that just keep support those girls training to show of our job.. and to all Amateur Female Athletes I want to say that never give up.


The beauty and sensuality of Milcia is more than evident, because in every angle that the camera is capturing her, she always looks flawless, as an all good representative of the female sex.

No matter if she is a competitive and corpulent woman, it does not mean to abandon completely her arrangement and care that characterize the women. Milcia is a clear example that she can combine two things in a balanced and harmonious way that allows a formidable beauty and health.

Milcia's training never leaves of being constant, and her dedication is a proof against all adversity that crosses in her road. The Panamanian goddess follows in her direct way to improve in every aspect of life.

After a long day of training, there's nothing like the satisfaction of fulfilled duty, and the smile of Milcia say it with all the clarity of the world. And the self-portrait (or selfie) could not miss is with the digital camera to document that great moment.

Milcia knows how to combine to the perfection the muscular power along with her undeniable beauty that allowed her to conquer the heart of iron fans. It is certainly a warrior woman who will give much battle in any training.

Much of steel sensuality. Milcia is a woman that has all the attributes to succeed in each competition. She has beauty, class, sensuality, physical power, stamina, agility and strenght. In short terms, she is an iron goddess worthy of admiring, respecting and worshipping.

Milcia is in a fitness exhibition where she promotes her sportswear brand Predator. Even in moments of business, she never ceases to smile for dealing in the best possible way such moments of absolute concentration.

Panamanian coquetry and sensuality are still present in this black & white image. Milcia demonstrates that her beauty is completely a complementary piece of her physical work as an athlete, and that a woman can be strong and beautiful at the same time without falling into mythical exaggerations that have no foundation.


The coquetry, beauty, sensuality and simpathy of Milcia don't know equal. She's a Panamanian rose that is beautiful as well as fascinating. A woman that shows that she's got female prettiness and steel muscular mass touch to a flower of skin.

Milcia is a woman that always is sexy wherever you are looking her. Each camera angle in where she is placed has a special magic that allows her to take advantage of her poses. A very attractive woman in every shot where is appreciated her, and with a lot of sensuality.

Milcia Perez is certainly a great ambassador of the Bodybuilding in her country, which she has shown an exceptional talent in the competitive area, her tenacity, dedication, discipline, effort and determination have made her one of the most outstanding athletes with a lot of merit and passion that is reflected in everything she does. She is also the living example of what women have managed to make at the present time, where knowledge combine professional fields with personal life is a challenge that is not easy to overcome, but those who manage to get ahead and demonstrate that it is possible to jump every obstacle of life. Milcia is a woman with a different and eye-catching style, so keep an eye to this warrior because her physique is at the height of the best athletes and she has many elements to highlight inside and outside of the steel scenarios.

That's all for this profile, and we hope you have enjoyed this work whose purpose is know and understand all the stories, reasons and another things related to the female muscle representatives. The female muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close and this is a tribute for the women that fights everyday for achieve the best physique form in order to reach the wellbeing with themselves and the rewards to all their efforts. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

Important Notes: All the photographies are used by Milcia Perez' courtesy and personal authorization, so contact her if you want to use her pictures.

Milcia doesn't do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please respect her because first than nothing she's a woman that needs a treatment just like all the human beings.

It is strictly forbidden to reproduce any part of this journalistic work in all aspects.

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