lunes, 8 de abril de 2019

Net Neutrality 18

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. This week will be crucial because in Tuesday 9th there will be an important vote for Net Neutrality, and now is time to update the most recent information in this article.

The first point is this: Kyrsten Synema from Arizona was corrupted by Team Cable donators and she is working with one of Republican Senator from Mississippi, his name is Roger Wicker and this is a big disgrace in our path for reaching Net Neutrality, but if you can make pressure, you may be making a control lose of them.

Twitter accounts:

Roger Wicker: @SenatorWicker

Kyrsten Synema: @SenatorSinema

Facebook accounts:

The second point is this: Tony Cardenas from California was almost corrupted, and Scott Peters from same state was in the same way, but fortunately they could escape from oligarch control and they are ready to add their efforts for Net Neutrality.

In Wednesday, the Save Internet Act was approved by Comerce Chamber and it was a great step in order to destroy the law approved by Ajit “Fagot” Pai, and now in Tuesday 9th, Congress will be sessioning about this subject, so this is the perfect chance to make pressure with going to Town Hall, making boycott against Verizon, Comcast, AT&T and other brands. Is time to make pressure and make them feel our power as informed consumers because our rights are in stake.

Don't forget to visit these sites in which you can find how to support to this fight for protecting our right to defend a free flow of information in all aspects:

Tomorrow is a key day and is time to unite efforts in all fields to protect our right to a free flow of information in each life aspect, and now more than never, our Internet deserves to be protected at any cost because is a powerful tool that has made an important breakpoint in our communications, and most important it generated a big democratization in media, so now we must be prepared to fight for our rights.

That’s all for this article and you know when we have important information about this subject, you will know in immediate way. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

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