lunes, 15 de abril de 2019

Net Neutrality 19

Hi again Female Muscle Fans. These are important news in which you must put attention with respect to Net Neutrality. And is time to make the updates in this article.

Last Tuesday, the Save the Internet Act was put to the vote inside representatives chamber. Both parties had a big time in making an agreement in this subject. The results are the next: Democrat Party has reached 232 votes against 190 votes from Republican Party in its majority. So the Save the Internet Act has succeed in this round in order to destroy the repeal of 2017. This movement has reached greater heights and this has not been possible without the support of Civil Associations and users like us. In this moment, this movement has won 2 rounds and is a great satisfaction because the reason is in our side and we are ready to keep moving forward to protect our Internet.

Now the next step is coming back to Senate in which the magic number for victory is 60. You have listened right, the Act needs 60 votes from Senators chamber in order to get the triumph and showing that a well organized movement is able to defeat evil oligarchs with bigger money wallets. The message is clear, we are ready to fight another round in Senate and we need to keep high our guard because one of our fundamental rights is in stake.

With this update, we can see that our movement to protect our Internet is in right side of history, and is time to have some time of celebration because this step has not been easy to achieve. Later, this movement will be ready for defeating the next obstacle and always with sight to the summit. Thanks for being always supportive in this cause and remember that 2 important battles have been won, but a new fight in this war will be coming and is time to keep strong and united for winning this war. See you next time Female Muscle Fans.

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