viernes, 31 de octubre de 2008

FAME North American Championships 2008

Hello again Female Muscle Fans. The United States will have a contest with high doses of female muscle. The FAME Organization will have the North American Championships in their 2008 edition. The stage will be Miami, Florida. So the sun and the beaches will be an assurance for the muscle goddesses and their fans in the Natural Fitness Movement (No Drugs in another words).

FAME North American Championships 2008 Details

Oct 31-Nov 2

Level 1, 2, 3, 4 camp; Pro in all Divisions

Ashe Auditorium
Hyatt Regency Miami
400 South East Second Ave.
Miami, FL 33131

NPC Max Muscle Western Regional Bodybuilding - Fitness - Figure 2008 Details

November 1

All the Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Classes

Chandler Center for the Arts
250 N. Arizona Avenue
Chandler, Arizona 85225

This is the FAME North American Championships 2008 Poster. Miami is synonymous of sun, sand and sea, and the female athletes will fight for reach the total glory with the best physique forms.

The one certain thing is the big impact with the fans because the passion for the muscle goddesses is the same in this competition. Florida will have an important competition for different pleasures. The athletic women will fight for reach the total glory that reward their hard work. For more information, you can consult this website: (FAME North American Championship)

So get prepared to this weekend with the great impact because the female muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close. See you soon Female Muscle Fans.

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