sábado, 4 de octubre de 2008

NABBA Universe Contest 2008

Hello again Female Muscle Fans. This weekend in the United Kingdom (England to be exact) will be celebrated the NABBA Universe Contest. NABBA is the National Amateur Body-Builders Association and got many competitions in the bodybuilding, fitness and figure sport. The story for the NABBA is the next:

NABBA is the first and the original competitve bodybuilding association. Formed in 1950, NABBA's first Mr

NABBA council. Each area holds a qualifying event, which leads to the Annual Mr & Miss Britain Finals. This in turn becomes a qualifier for the European and Universe Championships. The Universe contest gets stronger every year - at the last Universe, representatives from 36 countries took part and a total of 151 athletes competed.

This is one of the most important events for all the world competitors. The competition will be carried out in the Southport Convention Center, located in Southport, England in the Promenade Street. October 4 is the D-Day and the female muscle fans from England will be pleased with a sport event of high octane. England got some interesting athletes like Andrulla Blanchette and Joanna Thomas to mention some examples (as Pro Athletes of course), so that british country can offer some surprises with respect to their bodybuilder, fitness and figure competitors.

This contest will have many surprises, like another sport events, so keep an eye to this competition because the female muscle is a great passion that deserves to be followed so close. For more information, you can check this link: http://www.nabba.co.uk/competitions/index.html.
See you soon Female Muscle Fans.

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