sábado, 4 de octubre de 2008

IFBB Santa Susanna World Championship 2008

Hola Fanáticos del Músculo Femenino. This is another spanish greeting because Spain will celebrate a world bodybuilding, fitness and figure championship in the Santa Susanna city, located in the Barcelona Province. Barcelona is one of the most attractive touristic destinations in the world and the female muscle won't be the exception. This competition is one of the most important events in which the female athletes from around the world will fight for reach the total glory with the best physique form. Each one of the competitors will be focused in the victory and they will show the best of the best in a great stage in front of the judges and enough fanatics who wait for anxious their favorite athletes. Spain got some interesting surprises in this sport and there are some athletes like Nieves Martínez (bodybuilder), Paloma Parra (Fitness) and Nora Girones (figure) in the spanish female muscle map. The spanish fans will have a great sport spectacle with high octane emotions.

The place is the Polideportivo Parc del Colomer, located in C/Pirineos number 22. P.O. Box 08379 in Pineda de Mar. The days are October 4 and 5 (Saturday and Sunday respectively).

Europe will have 2 amazing competitions (NABBA Universe in England and the Santa Susanna In Spain) and the european fans are the winners because in 2 countries the female muscle will be present to share with the fans all that the amazing world of the athletic women can offer as great inspirational examples. For more information, you can see these links:

Este concurso estará lleno de sorpresas, como todo evento deportivo. Así que manténganse pendientes de esta competición porque el músculo femenino es una pasión que merece ser seguida muy de cerca. Nos vemos pronto Fanáticos del Músculo Femenino.

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